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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Sdkfz 251/7C Pioneerwagon

  Today I am taking a look at the Warlord Games Sdkfz 251/7C Pioneerwagon plastic kit.  It consists of the standard plastic Sdkfz 251/1 kit with metal and resin extras, so join me as I explore the contents.

  The Warlord 251/1 Hanomag plastic kit is in short, an amazing kit.  A big fan of plastics, this kit slots together intuitively and manages to fit a bunch of options onto 2 sprues.  You get a crewman, some stowage to pimp out your hanoswag, along with both forward and rear facing MGs and that's before you get into the extra metal and resin components to make it into the pioneerwagon.

Mostly assembled and ready for painting.

  The extra components to make the 251/7C include some resin bridge spans, a metal Panzerbuchse 41 and gunner, resin equipment inserts and more.  The equipment inserts really help to identify it as a pioneer vehicle, loaded to the gills with the tools of the trade.  In Bolt Action terms, the Panzerbuchse isn't a bad little gun, jumping up to +6 penetration at close range of 12" or less.  For only an extra 40 points, it gives you the ability to be able to knock out even the heaviest of tanks and if it's loaded with aggressive pioneers decked out with SMGs and a flamethrower, you'll usually find yourself barreling towards the enemy into that 12" range.

The beautiful Sdkfz 251/7C painted up by the talented Patchimus.

  The tracks on the Sdkfz 251/7C go together perfectly and it avoids the tank gap problem some of the other Warlord plastic kits have. It was easy to assemble, comes with instructions and transfers and has extra bits and pieces to allow you to model the vehicle how you'd like.  The only bad point is it has me contemplating a Pioneer army...

  If you have any questions about the Sdkfz 251/7C or want to see a particular model reviewed, hit us up over on our forums and let us know!

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