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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Trenchworx Resin BT-42

 A few weeks ago, Old Man Morin did an article on painting white wash (here) in which he also spoke about the BT-42 made by Trenchworx.  His BT-42 was one of the early 3D printed versions, while today's article is on the new resin versions that Nate aka. RapidMonkey, is churning out at Trenchworx.

  The BT-42 came in few pieces (which is great for assembly) and has amazing detail.  It is covered in rivets and ports which is captured brilliantly in an interesting looking resin.  The resin is strong but has a transparent quality in the thinner pieces like the track guards.  While an interesting quirk, it definitely doesn't affect quality.

  The rear deck has more stunning detail, with a mesh covering and tools, along with storage boxes along the sides of the rear deck.  There were very few mold lines, although as typical, now that it is painted I realised I missed a pretty obvious one on the front of the hull that would easily be fixed during the initial clean-up.

  The tracks slotted on perfectly, with notches in the bottom of the hull where they slot in.  Below is a close up of the great details the tracks have.  The turret also has a recess in the bottom of it to fit a magnet if you wish to magnetise your turret and the kit even comes with rare-earth magnets for this purpose.

  I've painted my BT-42 up in Finnish three tone camoflage.  The BT-42 is a great choice for Finnish players.  A medium howitzer on an enclosed light tank chassis and not Unreliable like so many of the Finnish armour choices, every Finn needs at least one in their collection.  The only fault I could find with the BT-42, is the fact that the hatches are molded as part of the turret and thus closed.  So you could not add crewmen in without significant converting.  While not a major thing, it would have been a nice option.  Otherwise there is some barely visible streaking effects on the larger flat surfaces, as seen on the back of the turret in a photo above but to me it simply adds to the battle ready look.  I give it a 9 out of 10, a pretty incredible score for a resin vehicle from a self-confessed lover of plastic tanks.  I'm very keen to see what else comes out from Trenchworx.

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