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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Painting Windshields On (Field)cars And Trucks

Howdy gang,

Old Man Morin here with a quick tutorial on how I paint the windshields and windows on vehicles for Bolt Action. Yes, I know it is bright and cartoony but that is the point. I like that vehicles that I paint are bright and "pop" on the tabletop. As a few people on our FB page asked if I could do a walk through of my process. I thought I would share.

I start by base coating and washing the vehicle. I do this so I get the dirty, messy work out of the way that might otherwise bleed onto my nice clean windows (I am unlikely to put a finger on the windowpane once I am done the window process so I should be safe when detailing the vehicle later). Painting windows is the first step in my detail and highlight painting of the kit.

I paint the windows flat black. This is the canvas that I work from.

I typically use Vallejo Black and White and a bright blue (I vary it depending on what I have around). Today I am using Regal Blue but any bright blue will do.

I then blend some of my blue and black to create a dark blue. Leaving a black border around the edge I paint a dark blue rectangle within the window frame.
 Leaving a dark section showing at the top. I then add white to my blue mix and paint a brighter and smaller rectangle onto the pane. Slowly over time (leaving drying time between coats) I add progressively smaller and brighter rectangles down the window.
At the bottom where I add a very bright blue line. This makes the whole window illusion work as it creates an artificial horizon. At this point I also reline the black border around my line work to make sure my edges are neat and clean between layers.
 You may think that this layered effect looks choppy up close but from a distance (if you have enough layers) your eye will blend the colours for you and give you a pleasing smooth, blended effect on your vehicles.
I hope you have found this tutorial helpful. If you would like any of the crew to explain any of our painting methods, please let us know on our Facebook page or on our forums and we will endeavour to assist you any way that we can.

Til next time...

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