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Monday, April 6, 2015

News From the Front Episode 90

Tarzan, Steve-O and Dirty Jon gather to talk about all the things!  In Act I, the guys look into the near future events, including WWPD4Vets and Historicon.  Next, the regular AAR, which includes Flames of War, Armada, Conquest and other goodies!

In Act II, the discussion shift to FoW tournaments and our thoughts on eras, point levels, lists, what's fun and what isn't in our experiences of late.  The act closes out with some timely news reports.

In Act III, the boys hit commonly overlooked rules and close it out with talk about ideas for a terrain day for your club or FLGS.
After Hours

In After Hours, the guys discuss the aging FoW demographic in the US and talk strategies to get newer and younger players involved.  Next, the dudes talk about playing good, bad tournament lists and how fun that is.  There are even tips for picking these bad, but fun lists!  The episode goes down hill from here and finally ends in chaos!

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