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Monday, April 27, 2015

Battle Report: 29th Infantry Division Assault on the outskirts of Aldenhoven (FOW)

By Steven MacLauchlan

Dirty Jon wanted to test two lists he put together for Scott's awesome "Come as you Are" tournament. since it had been a bit since Jon and I got to face off on the table, I volunteered to test drive!

The lists were roughly: 29th Infantry Division w/ 2 platoons (both with extra bazookas), 4 Sherman M4A3s, 2 sherman 105s, a weapons platoon, and a 105mm battery. The German list was reluctant trained with 3 infantry (volks with Assault Rifles and MGs) platoons, 2 Jadgpanthers (CV), 8cm mortars, HMGs, and some AA.

The mission we decided most accurately represented the fighting the 29th was doing at the time was No Retreat, with the Germans naturally on the defensive.

The Germans start with both infantry platoons and the Jadgpanthers in ambush. The US deploy aggressively.

29, Let's go!

Sherman 105s in support.

The view from the German side. HMGs are attached out. Infantry, mortars, and AA in reserve.

an HMG watches over the road.

The Americans surge forward!

On the right, the US truscott trot towards the enemy, hugging a wood.

With clear shots to the Shermans, Jon ambushes!


Two dead and a bail! That's a check, boy-os! Thankfully, they stick around.

The US push forward aggressively.

Rifles on the right move into assault range.

105s slam into the JPs, scoring a Time on Target, and wiping out one of the tank hunters!

After a successful US assault, the Germans pull back.

The developing situation. Can the Germans hold?

The first German reserves arrive!

The other JP is still bailed, so the Shermans have nothing to fear!

The US surge forward again!

Forcing the Germans further back.

While the 2nd Platoon and Sherman 105s close in from the other direction.

The US end their turn holding the objective.

But the JP remounts and moves to contest!

Despite missing its shot on the Shermans, the JP contests the objective and gets within mutual support range of the infantry behind it.

105s plop smoke on the German defenders and the US launch an assault!

60mm mortars score the pin!

It's looking rough for the Germans!

On the following turn, Detroit's Finest races around the flank of the JP, knocking it out...

While fire tears into the infantry.

Finally, the Shermans assault the German mortars.

With that, the Germans are below half with no CiC or 2iC.

Jon's Thoughts:
Reluctant Trained Germans are just terrible.  I dont think this fight is really all that playable, so I will be switching to a Confident Trained list.

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