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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: US vs Germans Heartbreak Ridge

The crew and I got together for another exciting night of Bolt Action.  We have been teaching some new guys to play recently and getting fairly consistence games in.  Over the last several weeks we payed through all of Old Man Morin's new Missions he's been publishing to the download section of  We loved Heartbreak Ridge so much we decided to play it again, this time with Americans and Germans somewhere near Bastonge.

The beligered American force made up of overstretch Veterans.

The remnants of a despite German force.

Americans use hay stacks and smoke to cover their advance.

The Americans blind the German 88 with smoke.

Armored vehicles engaging each other over an open field.

A .30 cal machinegun lays down fire on farm house occupied by German infantry.

US troops get slaughtered by the Wirblewind. 

Hardened Airborne troops cut and run from the Wirblewind.

A German Puma continues to take on the Greyhound and Sherman.

German mortar fire lands a little too close.

Fearing what might come the US infantry hightail it to the orcahrd.

US and German troops engage each other with small arms.

The Americans roll forward.

The Wirblewind throttles the US jeep.

German reinforcements arrive in their half track.

The Wirblewind then trashes the Greghound.

On the next turn it turns around a guts an American squad that comes on from reserve. 

After four turns of bouncing rounds off the Sherman the Puma final scores a kill.

German enginers burn the US 81mm mortar down.

The beligered US infantry face certain destruction.

In a despirate attempt to pull off a win the US Airborne close on the center objective.

But the dang Wirblewind is waiting. 

On turn six it turns into a dog pile for the win.

The German officer takes out the US officer.

Then AR armed German paras charge the US paras.

The Germans capture or kill all the Americans and secure victory. 

Had another great game.  We are really enjoying the new missions Brad came up with.  Make sure you visit the download section and give them a try.

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