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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Kittyhawk Down, Greeks vs Germans

Finally got the Greeks out again in preparation for some Greek chat on the next BAR.  Additionally I was wanting to try out Bard's new Kittyhawk Down Mission.  Kittyhawk Down pits two forces against each other and in the middle of the fight a liaison plane crashes in the middle of the battlefield.  Both forces then rush to capture the pilot and any intelligence on board.  The mission starts off like maximum attrition with everyone avoiding the middle of the board, then turns into a dog pile to control the only objective.

I didn't have time to totally redo the board from my last game so I just rearranged the roads, hedges, and fields.

I ran a 1250 Greek army made up of lots of regulars and a horde of lightly armored vehicles loaded with machine guns.  I also wanted to try out loading bren carriers with tough fighting mountain troops.  Spoiler Alert! It was awesome.

The Germans took a boat load of infantry and several assault guns.  We were introducing two new players to the game and wanted to German force to be fairly straight forward.

Greeks advance forward.

Germans do the same.

The Panzer IV engages the Greeks.

Greek armor leads the way.

With German armor baring down, the Greeks rush toward cover. (at this point the good camera died and had to use my old ipad for pics)

Greek infantry take up position in the woods.

The SdKfz 222 opens up on this L3.

A platoon of Germans engage the Greeks.

Smoke rounds cover the Greeks.

the Greeks rush reinforcements to the front.

The Greek MMG covers the center of the board.

The Germans try to snipe the Greek artillery with mortar fire.

The 222 takes out the L3.

The Greek heavy howitzer deletes a squad of Germans

They make it look easy.

The Greeks drive a carrier into the fight and it is subsequently assaulted by Germans.  The tough fighting mountain troops bail out and engage the Germans, but are wiped out.

The other squad of mountain troops jump out at the German infantry in on other side of the board.

The Greek howitzer takes two casualties from a mortar hit.

The Greek AT gun bounces a round off the Panzer IV.

The Greeks and German take turns inflicting heavy casualties on each other.

The Panzer IV backs up.

Suddenly a small plane plummets from the sky and crashed near the woods.

The Greek mountain troops gun down the German mortar before it can take out the howitzer.

The Germans pull their quads back and put them a truck before they can be overran.   The Greeks open up with everything they have, but fail to kill the truck.

The truck backs up and is then chased down by the Greek command squad which mounts up in a universal carrier.

The StuG shows up and it hit by the howitzer, but it fails to penetrate.

The StuG fails to hit the Greek infantry.

The German truck loaded with bros make a dash toward the crash site and takes fire from the Greek MMG, which hits, but fails to kill the truck.  The truck has been hit 4 or 5 times by this point.

Finally an L3 chases down the truck and knocks it out.

Both sides desperately try to move toward the crash site.

Greek infantry advance through the woods.

The Panzer IV takes up a commanding position near the crash site.

The Greeks load up and start rushing their men toward the objective.

The carrier does the same.

As it runs away the light AT gun takes a shot at its rear.

Another squad of Germans roll up toward the objective.

Greek infantry exchange fire with the German HQ.

The Panzer IV wiffs at the truck loaded with Greeks.

Several small squads of Greeks and their HQ begin securing the crash site.

Four beat up squads of Greeks face down two squads of Germans.

Then the StuG eliminates one of the Greek Squads.

The Greek mortar ranges in on a German squad and takes it out.

The Panzer IV unsuccessfully assaults the Greeks.

The StuG then takes out a second Greek squad.

The Greeks in the truck Athenian drift into the crash site at the last moment.  The Greek end up securing the objective in the end with three units vs the German one unit.

Like I mentioned at the beginning of this AAR Kittyhawk Down starts as maximum attrition with both sides spreading their force out across the board to cover all the possible crash sites and ends as a mad rush and dig pile.  Both sides just through units at the dog pile, but in the end the Greeks won.  It was another fantastic mission from Old Man Morin.  I think you will really like this new mission and recommended it along with all the other new missions Brad has been working on.  The full mission details can be found in the downloads section, along with all the other missions.

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