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Friday, April 17, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Americans Breakout

Got a chance to play a little Bolt Action the other day.  We threw down a massive 1800 point game set in the Ardennes.  The Germans rocked a little Brandenburger action, but all their tanks were also low on fuel.  We also took this gaming opportunity to play Brads new Breakout Mission.    The mission is essentially maximum attrition with an objective of occupying your opponents deployment area.

A German Panther takes up position near a ruined farm.

A Stug (little g - respect Patch) goes stalking through the woods.

German Volks Grenadiers take up position in the woods.

More Volks Grenadiers take up position in a house.

A cut off American platoon makes their way through the woods.

An M10 takes a long shot at the Panther.

The Panther responds in kind.

This Sherman takes aim at the StuG and clears the German tank riders off of it.

American infantry bunch up in the middle.

An American infantry squad move up to hold the US flank.

An additional squad of Volk Grenadiers engage the Americans.

The Americans try to take out the German support weapons.

16 men enter this building.

One man leaves.

The Wirblewind opens up on a squad of Americans, but the US medic saves 3 of them.

Armor bounces rounds off each other at close range.

A concentration of smoke conceals the Germans movement.

More American reinforcements move to stop the Germans.

The StuG takes a round in the side, but it bounces.

The StuGs tank riders move up to support the Panther. 

The German and American armor reserves show up at the same time.

GIs take up position in the house of death.

The Panther gets in a tough spot.

Brandenburgers arrive and hunker down in the American deployment zone.

The Easy 8 knocks the big G out of the Stug.

The Wirbelwind hammers a bazooka team.

Tank riders assault into the woods.

Wiping out the Americans pinned there.

Dueling tanks immobilize each other.

The quad hammers more Americans.

The German mortar finds its mark.

An intense firefight breaks out in the woods.

More fighting intensifies near the farm.

Another assault breaks out in the woods, this times the Germans lose.

German artillery pounds an American platoon.

Finally the Panther finds its mark.

Americans rush the Germans near the farm and secure the wall.

After being immobilized the Panzer IV trashed the M5.

In a last ditch effort for points the US commander unsuccessfully charged the quad.

Wow what a fight.  It was more maximum attrition than objective grabbing.  The final score was German 12 - USA 7.  The Germans had 2 points from getting into the American deployment zone, while all the American points were from kills.  I could definitely see getting into your opponents deployment zone being a tie breaker in some games.  The mission function encourages you to get up an move and not just hunker down like maximum attrition.  It was definitely fun.  

If you haven't checked out Brads new missions make sure you take a look in the downloads and try them out.  If you have played them, leave Brad feedback on the forums.

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