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Monday, March 30, 2015

Star Wars Armada - Battle Report: Contest The Outpost

The small Rebel strike force consisting of the CR90 Corvette "Dodonna's Pride", and the Nebulon B Escort Frigate "Redemption" was not expecting trouble. The listening station "Outpost Zero" was presumed abandoned, and was thus easy pickings for a quick raid. The Rebels hoped to scavenge any equipment they could get their hands on- particularly sensitive long-range sensor equipment which would help alert them to the approach of any Imperial task forces. When the fleet dropped from hyperspace, they were not expecting what they saw through the asteroid fields and debris from long-ago battles: A Victory Star Destroyer. Was it a random patrol? Were they detected on approach? Was it a trap? General Dodonna gave a concise, bold order: "Attack!"

We used the fleet featured here for this game, since we only have one core set... for now.

Hoping to catch the Star Destroyer flat-footed, Dodonna positioned the strike-force such that some debris and asteroids were between them and the Star Destroyer to screen their attack.

 The Redemption accelerates to attack speed, hoping to flank the Star Destroyer.

A screen of TIE fighters led by Howlrunner screens the Star Destroyer. Grand Moff Tarkin himself is aboard, and orders the ship to plot a course to the station, despite the asteroid field directly ahead!

Red Squadron, led by Luke Skywalker zips past the Station, and locks S-Foils in attack position.

"Fighters, coming in!" TIEs get into a furball with the X-Wings, but Luke and his group are able to break free, readying Proton Torpedoes for the Star Destroyer.

The Decimator commands the Station, earning multiple Victory Points for doing so, at the cost of predictable movement. Dodonna's Pride and Luke Skywalker both tear into the ship, punching through the deflector shields and inflicting heavy wounds on the Dominator!

The rest of Red Squadron with some assistance from the Redemption's excellent fighter-defense gunners KO Howlrunner and another TIE squadron. The Rebel ships pound the Star Destroyer...

"Abandon Ship!" Suddenly the Dominator unleashes hell- despite the obstructed shot from the Station, Tarkin redirects power from the shields. "Intesify forward firepower!" Dodonna's pride suffers crippling hit after crippling hit. Leia Organa, Dodonna, and many others are forced to abandon ship!
As the game approaches turn 6, the situation is dire! The Imperials are way ahead with multiple victory tokens, and the kill of "Dodonna's Pride" to their name. But the Victory II is suffering from heavy damage, and the last of her TIE screens have been eliminated, leaving the X-Wings to focus on the ailing vessel.

The Nebulon B crosses to the rear, where the shields are weak- in a volley of turbolasers and proton torpedoes, the ship begins to list heavily to the side...

But the Star Destroyer does not go down easily- all hands focus on repair operations to keep the vessel from breaking apart. The game is very nearly over!
The Nebulon B plows into some debris, taking tremendous damage, but continues to pummel the Star Destroyer.
Finally, flashes beneath the hull plating of the Star Destroyer betray her internal condition. As she breaks apart- barely missing the Station, an Imperial Shuttle slips into the asteroids and gets away. The Rebel fleet allows a momentary celebration- the victory was minor, but complete.

After recovering the survivors, and what materials they could from the station and the wreckages of the Decimator and Dodonna's Pride, the Rebel strike force regroups and enters hyperspace en route to rejoin the main Rebel fleet.

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