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Monday, March 30, 2015

Bolt Action - Review - German Veteran Grenadiers Squad from Warlord Games

I recently had a box of Metal Veteran Late War Germans arrive at my door courtesy of Warlord Games. The presentation of the box as always was eye catching with the description indicating that there were 10 metal miniatures within wielding the ever favourite STG44.


I had been quite excited about this release since I had painted up some of my SS Charlemagne Warlord miniatures last year (fantastic miniatures as well!) so the chance to get stuck in and paint these up was very welcome. Inside I found the 10 metal miniatures with the separate figure heads that WG does well. This allows for a unique combination of heads with the 10 bodies so the chances of two forces looking exactly the same are minimal.   


There was almost no clean-up required, a few snips to remove some tails and some filing down on a very few mold lines was all that was required. In total the clean-up for the 10 miniatures took less than 10 minutes.

The detail in the uniforms is excellent


The casting quality is very good with excellent detail and accuracy and apart from one sunken eye socket that was easy enough to overcome there was nothing to fault them. I would easily rate these as some of the nicest quality 28mm metal miniatures on the market.

Mixed with some WG SS Charlemagne

Within the 10 miniatures there is a really nice spread of uniform combinations allowing for that modellers creativity. 4-5 come with the German zeltbahn tent quarters as capes, basically a poncho type waterproof addition to a uniform whilst others come in more traditional uniforms. They all have the STG44 so the ammunition pouches are all the same. The poses are really dynamic and give the impression they are making a last stand or final assault against a determined enemy.

The entire crew so far, bulk is from WG but there are some also from Black Tree Design (Tanks from JTFM)


I think to really get to know the quality of a new miniature you have to paint it. Picking a bare metal miniature up and having a look will give you some information but the true test is when a brush is trying to follow some facial contours or pick out bits of equipment. Putting aside all my other projects (how did I get so many??) I decided to go with the splinter camouflage pattern combined with the more well-known feldgrau. This was a real challenge for me having never done it before and as a reference I used the amazing Painting War to help me out. I will leave you to judge if it worked out or not but I enjoyed trying something new. 

Value for Money

The box of 10 will set you back 15 pounds direct from the WG Webstore, $16 USD or $36 Australian through War & Peace Games. Check out your LGS for more local prices but it safe to say these miniatures will retail for around the $3-$3.60 each in Australian Dollars. This puts them in the higher cost bracket but with cost comes quality and that is what you can expect with this set.

Now who wants to play?


I really enjoyed painting them as as you can see they have slotted themselves in very nicely with the rest of the scratch force I am slowly putting together. I would recommend these to anyone wanting to pad out their current late war Germans or add some assault rifle firepower.

Want to know more about the box or how I painted them? Join me on the forum:

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