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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bolt Action - Modelling the JTFM SdKfz 11 with Becsta

We've got a special guest poster today with some how-to on the excellent SdKfz 11 from JTFM Die Waffenkammer. Without further interruption from this guy, let me step out of the way for the amazing Becsta! - Judson

More after the break!

The SdKfz 11 tractor was used extensively by the Germans in WW2 as a prime mover, especially for artillery pieces and AA guns.

I recently acquired an amazingly detailed resin cast model of the SdKfz 11 from JTFM Enterprises in Canada. This model depicts an ammunition carrier/tractor version of the '11, and so I'm planning to use this as my towing vehicle for my '88 AT gun in Bolt Action.

There are so few pieces to this model, but so much detail. I couldn't work through preparing and painting this model without filming my progress, so this will be a video series step-by-step how I paint my vehicles.

As this model is a plastic resin moulded model, each part needs to be prepared for painting, otherwise the paint just will not stick. I show these steps in detail in this part. It's all pretty easy stuff.

But if you've never worked on a model like this, just follow along, you'll be right as rain! Watch below to see!

Click here if you'd rather watch it directly.

In episode two of the two-part series, we see some paint finally being sprayed onto the model, starting with an enamel primer, and quickly followed up with 4 shades of Dunkelgrau.

The acrylic paints I've used in this video can all be acquired by one purchase, and that's the AK Interactive German Panzer Gray paint modulation set.

Click here if you'd rather watch it directly.

If you like these how-to videos from Becsta, let us know about it on the forum by clicking below! - Judson

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