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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Battlefield In a Box: Train Yard Switching Tower (BB186)

When Battlefront's Battlefield in a Box train tracks first came out, I was a fan, but like everyone else really wanted curved tracks. When those came out, I felt the set was complete, and so was pleasantly surprised when the switching tower was revealed.

At just $25 USD for a nice, 3 piece building that's fully painted (as well as 2 Buffer stops), this is a good value set. Stylistically, it matches the train station, which more or less works for just about any theater.

Like all of Battlefront's 2-story buildings, each floor and the roof is removable for dudes inside. I found the painting to be high quality with the brickwork especially looking quite nice.

The stoppers look alright and are maybe a bit redundant since you also get some with the curved track expansion, but it does give you some flexibility in setting up a nice train yard.
In conclusion, this is a good value set. If you already own both of the train track sets, but not the train station, it's worth picking up but isn't a "must buy". If you already own the station and both track sets, I'd say it's absolutely worth the $25. A solid kit that gives you a lot of flexibility in setting up a board! Keep it coming!

Reviewed building set provided courtesy of Battlefront Miniatures.

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