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Monday, March 23, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Russians Heartbreak Ridge

Last Friday Brad released his new Heartbreak Ridge Mission.  We totally dug his first new mission so we busted out this new one for a Bolt Action throw down.

We have been playing with a lot of tanks recently and have been using tables with less terrain that blocks line of sight.    This means tanks can usually see other tanks from a long distance.

First dice of the game the Germans range in on the Soviet heavy mortar.

The Tiger hits the SU and lights it on fire, but the brave Soviet crew manages to put out the flames.

Soviet infantry take up position to guard the rear objective and Katyusha. (Thank you Mad Bob).

The SU just missed the German artillery hiding in the woods.

Not wanting to get into a gun fight with a Tiger, the Soviet send their armor up the flank.

The Katyusha rocks the Germans in the woods.

Soviet tanks make an aggressive move up at the German objective.

Stalin's Organs bring down death on the German mortar and command team.

Soviets roll right up on the German objective.

Advancing German infantry lay into the Soviet LMG squad.

The Tiger puts a round right through the SU.

Soviet armor in outflank arrive, unload their tank riders and finally get a hit on the German armored car, immobilizing it.

Soviet tank riders assault a German MMG and take it out.

They are then assaulted by a squad of Fallschirmjager.

Both get two kills and the fight continues.

But the Germans manage to hold off the Soviets and kill the remaining tank riders.

The Germans then make their move toward the Soviet Objective with Engineers in out flank.  These inexperienced Soviets were not lolly gagging in the back though.  The fire using an ambush order and kill three Germans.  They also scored exceptional damage and take out the flame thrower.

On the next turn they assault the surviving engineers and over-run the Germans.

The Russian armored car chases down the German armored car and takes it out.

This T-34 pushes through the woods and out flanks the German howitzer.

The Germans make a break for the middle and are confronted by the BA-10 who rakes them with LMG fire.

With only one tank rider alive to contest the German objective the Command T-34 sprays the remaining FJ with MMG fire.

The Soviet sniper, who has done nothing note worthy all game, finally plunks a German.

This game was great and the mission was awesome.  I really like the feel of the game as you rush to capture only a handful objective.  The Russians got a quick jump on the German objective, ignoring the middle objective.  The fight around the German objective was super bloody.  Almost no troops remained.  Meanwhile the Germans almost secured victory when they pushed for the Soviet objective, but the inexperienced Soviets managed to hit the gas tank of the flame thrower team.  The Soviets at that point had put everything they had into taking on the Germans and if it wasn't for the critical hit knocking out the flamethrower the Germans would have easily taken that objective when they shot the free squad with the flamer.  Again this was a great mission and I think all of you will enjoy playing it.

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