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Monday, March 16, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Americans NUTS!

Rocked another weekend of Bolt Action to help pass the winter.  This time it saw Ze Germans against an all American Airborne force.  We decided to play Brad's new Nuts Mission, which seemed appropriate seeing we were using US Airborne.

US troops take up position on the fence.

German armored recon elements open fire on the US troops.

A StuG drive straight for the throat of the enemy.

The US troops drop smoke to try to block LoS.

A sneaky bazooka team gets all sneaky.

It jumps out from its hiding spot and destroys a German vehicle.

With the way clear the Americans come on full force.

Smoke everywhere covers their advance.

Another bazooka sneaks up on the StuG.

A German AA asset lights up the Americans in this building.

But it too is smoked by the sneaky bazooka.

Under cover of smoke the US troops close with the StuG.

More Germans arrive from reserve in style, but their ride gets popped by some diehard US paratroopers.

The Germans find themselves outflanked by more paratroopers.

These Germans survivors fall to an American assault.

An empty truck is all that stands in their way.

The Americans launch one last assault and overwhelm the last squad of Germans.

The Germans kind of got worked over.  Early on the US had their back against the wall when the Germans came out swinging, but their over aggressive maneuvers left too many units exposed.  The overwhelming number of paratroops were able to double down on pins and clean up what was left over in the assault.  NUTS was a fun scenario.   Love how it balances out.  The Germans took  the center object early on and the two forces spent the rest of the game fighting over their flanks.  Its was very cool and very fun.  Have you tried NUTS yet?  If so let us know about it on the forum.

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