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Monday, February 16, 2015

Williamsburg Muster Pic Dump

By the WWPD Boys

Williamsburg Muster is one of our favorite little cons.

It, and it's sister con Guns of August, are hosted by the fabulous folks of the Hampton Roads Wargamers in February and August every year.
Held at the oh so lovely Holiday Inn Patriot, the con sports a bevy of board games, historical wargames, Warhammer Fantasy and of course our very own Flames of War tournament. This year, the I-95 guys battled through illness to bring us a 1500 point early war tournament. 

The tournament sported 22 players, with one coming from as far as Danbury, CT. Each of the major early war books was represented and there was even a Dutch PDF list! In the end there were three, after an epic round 3 showdown between Dirty Jon and Stevie Mac, where only one could come out victorious, Dirty Jon Baber won the day with his Confident Vet German Panzer Companie. Rounding out the top three were Jeff Knoke at number 2 with Fallschirmjagers from Burning Empires and Sean "Throckmorton" Sarah with 3rd Sensha Rentai from Rising Sun. 

But that wasn't the only fun the team had. Friday Dirty Jon hosted a Netrunner tournament and Saturday after the Flames tournament Steve hosted a Lord of the Rings gaming night for 17 folks with raffle prizes. Of course, there's a ton of pick up games, board games and all the other great gaming fun we've come to expect from this great little convention.   

"What the hell does this card do?"


FLAMES OF WAR - 1500 Pt. Early War


Like 1 KV-1 isn't hard enough to kill!

The obligatory Mad Dog DeMayo crotch shot!

In an unsurprising twist, Russians brought a ton of infantry.

And when two Russians fight...

Mein Got Fritz! Ve were never trained to drive on ze top of the ze wheat field!

The 8.8: When you absolutely have to punch a hole straight through anything, accept no substitutes. 

Honey, I'm home!

The one, the only Chris Gobel!

Throck and Steve throw down!


All I needed was one stinking five!

Round 3 Podcaster Showdown!

Panhorde v. Panzer. Destruction ensues.

"Are you sure you've got enough dudes?" Asked no one ever of a strelk player.

Rommel leading his troops to victory.

This isn't going to end well for anyone!

Ed Leland and Ben Gobel get intense.

Dirty J and Grim Timmet  have a rules... Discussion.

For those of you who don't recognize that man staring into the mirror (perhaps because you're only used to staring at his crotch) it's Tom DeMayo along side 2nd placer Jeff Knoke.

Chris Corman and Scott McLemore discuss the finer points of Flames of War

While Throck and Ken Jacobson engage in a hilly battle.

Chris and Eric are overseen by a weather eyed Bob Everson

As Luke watches Tony try to solve 4 T-34s in early war.

Tom and his crotch make an appearance together!

As Throck and Steve fight it out in round two with an epic light armor battle for the ages. Man was it hot in that room.

Assuredly, fun was had by all.

DJ using fingers and toes to count.

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