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Friday, February 13, 2015

UAR vs the Israelis in a micro armor dust-up

By Eric "Truckstop" Lauterbach

It's part two of the John Desch micro armor battle day! After my first Fate of a Nation game in 6mm with the new rules resulting in a good kick in the pants, I decided I really need to change the list.

First, I found that the Isherman has been priced out of its performance level. So now I think that the, Magach 3 is the way to go for the Israelis. Thus, my new list is made up of two platoons of 3 Magach tanks along with the HQ and 2ic Magach, plus anti-tank gun jeeps and mortar tracks.

John's list did not change from the first game and seams to be a solid way of playing UAR: three companies of T-55s sporting stabilizers and some ZSU anti-air for good measure.

We randomly rolled a mission and dust-up was the answer the dice gave us.  We both thought it would be a good test of the Israeli army so off we went.  Having only 4 platoons hurts, but both sides had this predicament and hard choices were made. ....or not really the Magachs were all going on table! John had two full T-55 companies on table and one off with the ZSU. I of course had my soft and chewy mortar halftracks and jeeps off table. I needed every barrel possible to kill off the tank horde.

The dust up table.

UAR deployment

Israeli deployment

Jon moves into a good ambush spot to crush my soft chewy reserves. 

So here comes my first mistake....

These guys go to ground to defend the objective, no problem.

But I move aggressively with the other half of my tanks. This will cost me big time later in the game.

UAR setting up the ambush to munch my reserves.

I take a good fire position to engage Arabs.

Nice hull down spot.



Still defending

On John's turn he decides to just go for it and rush the Magachs with everything.

Without stabilizers this kill would be impossible, I have underestimated the T-55

Mass attack

UAR firing line.

I have to get more shots on the UAR so I pull these guys out for a long shot.

At least these guys have a great field of fire, and I did get a reserve roll.

The long range shots can just reach the company on the hill so I concentrate there.

BLAM! we wreck the company and force a morale check.

And they made their stormtrooper roll.

UAR fails morale one company down.

The long range guys fail their storm-troop roll. and get blasted in the butt when John rolls a reserve roll. 

Whats left of the platoon turns around to deal with the new threat,

Its not looking good that failed storm-troop roll really cost the Israelis. 

BLAM Another Magach down, we are in real trouble now.

The other company moves to cover the objectives and the dead zone by fire.

I am not putting enough kills on these guys and those bails are just killing me.

I only have one tank left in the objective area I rush back the AT jeeps to help.

UAR on the objective.

Jeeps arrive and add some fire support.

We get some hits and force a check; which the UAR passes. The return fire is going to be bad.

Crunch... this greasy spot represents my jeeps. They got pasted with MG fire.

So, the game has boiled down to this one Israeli tank vs 4 T-55s and the ZSUs.

This platoon is holding off the UAR in a Mexican stand off.

John goes for it and hits with the stabilized T-55s killing the last Magach, giving him the win 5-2.
Well, more lessons learned. First, never under estimate the T-55s if they have stabilizers; they CAN move and shoot you. Also my biggest tactical error was going forward I should have just waited in my deployment area with all my Magach 3.  The soft chewy jeeps could have run for it.  Anyway I enjoyed my second game of micro armor so much I ordered some.  Its a fun and different way of playing the game.

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