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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Soviet Captured Armored Train!

By Steven MacLauchlan

When Barbarossa dropped with an option for an armored train, you all knew I had to do it. I absolutely love my German train, and use it all the time! So, I grabbed the Polish engine and two artillery cars and set to work.

To paint the train, I used my standard Soviet painting technique. I spent a little extra time making sure the rivets were highlighted, though I couldn't bring myself to individually pin wash them. For shame!

As you can see, I was also a bit sloppy with the build- some of the resin pieces fit together a bit roughly and though I did a bit of green stuff work, I didn't do as much as was required! But, I figured this wouldn't see the table too often so wasn't too fussed.

Why won't it see the table much? Because, it's really not very good in Barbarossa. Confident Conscript, 425 (or 435 if you upgrade to heavy) points, and armor 3? I can't imagine it will last that long. Although, it's main guns would get 8 shots after moving 16 inches with AT 8, FP 3+ which just might chew up a Panzer platoon and swing the game!

Still, I can't see it being worth it for the most part at that price point, and so it's mostly relegated to "fun games", which is fine with me! The model was fun to paint, and I love the end result.


Thomaski the Tank Engine.

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