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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Old Man Morin's Guide To Painting Desert War Vehicles

Welcome back sports fans,

As many of you have noticed in recent months, I have been obsessively painting desert vehicles. I started with a massive DAK motor pool and moved onto my Desert War Sikh army. I would like to thing that over time I have got this process down pat and that I have sped up considerably. A number of people have asked how I do it.

I like to use a series of applied dry brushes and washes to get the sun bleached, dusty, worn look that prolonged desert exposure causes.  Without further ado, here is how I do it.

Old Man Morin's guide to painting Desert War vehicles
Step one: Paint the model using the Army Painter Bone spray. Apply a mix of brown and black washes to the recesses.
Step 2: Dry brush the model using GW's Balor Brown. This should give you a good coverage. It is fine if the messy wash areas still show through.
Step Three: Dry brush the whole model using Dheneb Stone (or something comparable). This should be a much lighter dry brush application.
Step Four: Lightly dry brush the whole model using Vallejo's Ivory
Step Five: VERY lightly dry brush the whole model white. This is just to help make the outer corners "pop." Be careful not to get carried away on this step or you will wash away all of your detail.
Step Six: Go back to touch up your work. I use Nuln oil to black line important crevices, Karak Stone to touch up messy panels, before finally adding a an extreme highlight of Ivory to prominent edges.
And there your have it... Detail the rest of the model as you see fit.

This method may have a lot of steps but they are systematic, easy to follow and they do not take long. Be sure to wait between steps for washes and paints to fully dry.  (This is why I paint multiple vehicles at the same time). Hope you have found this useful. 

Til next time...

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