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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Minairons T-26 Mod A or B Review

When I painted my Soviet armored train, I also had a box of T-26s sent to us by Minairons to knockout for a review. These T-26s are an earlier variant than you might see in Barbarossa or Eastern Front for Flames of War, but at 15mm they're close enough that I thought it was worth investigating!

5 tanks with A or B variants, and a sheet of decals with lots of options.
Fairly simple little kit. Tracks, hull upper and lower, turret, hatch, optional commander. The twin turret variant is also dead simple. Because there isn't much "depth" to the twin turret posts, I glued mine down, but one could probably magnetize it very easily. The standard turret has a long post that fits snugly- I found that magnetizing was not needed.

The decal sheet includes a lot of stuff for Spanish Civil war, Finns, Soviets, and more!

I can't remember why I took this photo, but it was probably important at the time!

And here they are all painted up!

The end result is quite nice, I must say! I did 3 up as Finns for Sean or Jon to use.

And two twin turret ones to add to my already extensive T-26 collection.

Comparison shot. Left to right: Minairons, Battlefront, Zvezda. Of course, the Minairons version will look a bit different since it is an earlier version.

The size is pretty spot on.

In conclusion, these are a solid buy if you want the earlier version, twin turret versions, or are doing Spanish Civil war. If you are looking to just bulk out your Soviet Mid-War Flames Of War T-26s, you're probably better off with Zvezda as they cost a bit less. (Around $3 ea, while the Minairons clock in around $5 ea depending where you find them).

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