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Friday, February 13, 2015

Cato Sicarius Tournament Report! (Feb 8th)

Over the weekend, my friend Andrew and I attended a Warhammer 40k Conquest tournament right here in Richmond at One Eyed Jacques. I ran Space Marines led by Captain Cato Sicarius with Tau allies.

1x Captain Cato Sicarius (Core Set)

Army Unit: (32)
4x Sicarius’s Chosen (Core Set)
2x 10th Company Scout (Core Set)
3x Blood Angels Veterans (Core Set)
2x Daring Assault Squad (Core Set)
3x Eager Recruit (Core Set)
3x Earth Caste Technician (Core Set)
3x Honored Librarian (Core Set)
2x Rogue Trader (Core Set)
2x Tactical Squad Cardinis (Core Set)
2x Veteran Brother Maxos (Core Set)
1x Vash’ya Trailblazer (Core Set)
2x Void Pirate (Core Set)
1x White Scars Bikers (Gift of the Ethereals)
2x Vior'La Marksman (Core Set)

Attachment: (7)
1x Tallassarian Tempest Blade (Core Set)
2x Ion Rifle (Core Set)
2x Iron Halo (Core Set)
2x Promotion (Core Set)

Event: (10)
2x The Fury of Sicarius (Core Set)
2x Crushing Blow (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Drop Pod Assault (Core Set)
3x Indomitable (Core Set)

Support: (1)
1x Cato’s Stronghold (Core Set)

Being everyone's first Conquest tournament (including the store's!) there was a bit of confusion getting it going, but everyone was really laid back and friendly. Initially, we were going to do 3 games each round for best 2/3, but after the first round we decided to switch to just one game for the last 2 rounds. I liked the idea of best 2 out of 3, but that isn't supported by the Conquest Tournament rules- and in fact ensured that 2/3 of the first round's games ended in timeouts.

Andrew and Alan playing in Round one. Andrew ran Eldar (Eldorath)/DE and Alan ran Tau (Shadowsun)/Space Marines.

Game One
My first round was against Jon running his Eldar. I actually can't remember what allies he had! I want to say Dark Eldar, as I think I remember getting Archon's Terror'd some. Jon was a very cool dude who also happens to live here in Richmond! Both of our games went similarly - the planets were such that the first person to grab 3 would win in both games (I think the first game was all green icons and the second all blue, but it's hazy now!). In both games I mulligan'd for a control heavy starting hand and was able to mostly dominate with lots of cheap units capping all of the planets. I sent Cato to planets where he was likely to gain a lot of resources and mostly kept him resource and card starved. That combined with good draw and combat tricks ensured I was able to score planet wins in both games. I really hope Jon and I can schedule some more games in the future!

Ben and Billy (who I did not play) squaring off in round one.

Game Two
Game two wound up being a mirror match between Ben and I. He was running Cato with Imperial Guard with a very aggressive and tricksy deck that you would expect with that warlord and ally combo. Our game was very good, and he had me running scared! My Cato was bloodied with 1 damage on him when we both committed to the winning planet! He was able to swing on me for exactly enough to knock out Cato (his own Cato + Catachan Outpost), except I had only just drawn an indomitable which saved my bacon (Sometimes I think Steve keeps Indomitable cards hidden in his sleeves! - Parker). I barely pulled that one out, but it was a brutal knock out fight and Ben played very well!

Game Three
Game three was against Alan and his Tau/Space Marines deck. Unfortunately, I think I took the wind out of his sails a little bit! He had missed the small caveat for a lot of the attachments dictating that they must be placed on an "army" unit (which the Warlord is NOT). So previously, he had turned Shadowsun into an unstoppable killing machine, but was a bit undone in our game by that major drawback! Alan couldn't draw enough units to stop the Space Marine combat might, and I captured the first few planets relatively quickly.

All three of my opponents were excellent dudes, and live relatively close by. I hope we can meet up at some more local conquest tournaments in the future!

In the end, having gone 3 rounds undefeated, I managed to secure the win! The schwag for this event was excellent. We all got a deck box and 3 copies of the alternate art Leman Russ. The top 4 also got sweet play mats (If I'm being honest, that's all I wanted!). I also got a cool plaque and a card that lets me get a bye in the first round of a regional tournament of my choice. Excellent!

Andrew managed to nab second place going 2 and 1 which was awesome! A great time was had by all.

Final Rankings
1) Steven with Space Marines (Cato Sicarius)/Tau
2) Andrew with Eldar (Eldorath Starbane)/Dark Eldar
3) Alan with Tau (Commander Shadowsun)/Space Marines
4) Ben with Space Marines (Cato Sicarius)/Imperial Guard
5) Billy with Space Marines (Ragnar Blackmane)/Imperial Guard
6) Jon with Eldar (Eldorath Starbane)/Dark Eldar

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