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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bolt Action - Conversion Competition 2015

Hey Gang,

Time for another exciting reader/ listener competition. In the past we have ran painting competitions. This time we are going for something a little different. Conversions. What constitutes a conversion? Well, that is simple. Did you change the model from its original form? If so, well you have converted a model.

Now to win this one you do not have to conform to a category or a time scale of the war.  We are looking for something that would have realistically appeared on battlefields of World War 2.  Sorry guys, no Captain America or Hydra conversions this time. We will allow models like IS-3's and the Maus as they really existed though.  If that makes sense? If not shoot us a message on our forums or on our FB group.

Now, a conversion could be a simple as adding a moustache to a Hungarian foot soldier or changing the guns or crew on a vehicle. We are looking for conversions that add value to the model, organically blend into the model as a whole and/or make sense.  Clearly the more you fit within these criteria the better you will do.  We are not asking for fully painted models but if you would like to paint your conversions and they win... Well, there will be a bonus in it for you.

The contest ends April 17th at Midnight. That is Melbourne (Australia) time kids. 

Please submit pictures to our Facebook page ( One that has the model prior to conversion (this can be a pile of parts) and one post conversion (and one painted if you have done so).  Entries will be judged by representatives from each of the BA.Net Podcasts and votes will be compiled to determine the winners. Winners will be announced on's forum and our FB page simultaneously.

We at would like to thank The Assault Group's support of this contest. As heard on the Ghost Army Podcast, TAG has donated an impressive spread of their new German infantry blisters.

We would also like to thank Campaign Books and Games Logistics for supplying a variety JTFM tank and armoured car models to the prize pool.

As always. May the odds be in your favour!

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