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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Greeks vs Germans Envelopment

Over the weekend while the boys from the LRDG rocked another tournament, Colby and I got in a 1250 pick up game with Colby rolling in with Germans while rocked my Greeks.  This quasi-historical game matched up the same Germans trying to break through an entrenched Greek position in Envelopment.  

Greek Mountain troops contain the flank.

German troops advance toward the Greeks.

German infantry start their assault supported by armor.  (The troops on their bellies wouldn't stand up on the hill.)

German artillery bombs the Greeks.

German light artillery deploys.

Greek armor stares down the German armor.

The Greek position takes a pounding.

Meanwhile the Greek mountain troops pound the Germans with their VB launchers.

Germans in the open narrowly miss getting shredded by the Greek guns.

Greek heavy artillery shells find their mark.

Only to get blasted by the StuH in return.

With no hope of hurting the Panzers, the Greek armor goes after the grenadiers. 

Despite their position behind hard cover, these grenadiers get torn up by the Greeks.

Greeks on the flank hold it down, expecting German reserves. 

Quickly dodging German shells, the Greek armor chases down the infantry.

German military might is no match for duel MMGs.

German assault engineers arrive from reserve, but are quickly dispatched by the Greeks.

They can run but they cannot hide.

The Germans in the orchard fall back, but and pursued by the tenacious Greek Mountain troops.

More German reserves arrive, but avoid destruction.

Sensing that victory was near, the Greek's assault these remaining Germans. 

The German reserves make a break for it and are pursued by the Greek universal carrier.

The Greek noose tightens around the Wehrmacht.

With their position secured, the Greeks begin counter attacking.

The Greek tankette finally dispatches their target.

You can't spell courage without Greeks assaulting a Panzer.

Or a Puma.

The last of the German infantry is pursued by Greek armored infantry.

The Greeks then dispatch the final set of German reserves.

Colby is a great opponent, but is still learning the game.  He admits he made a few poor choices and was not being as  aggressive as he needed to be to meet his mission objectives.  He spent too many turns duking it out with the Greeks instead of making a break for the board edge.   He also spread his force out instead of slamming one side and using the weight of force to overwhelm the Greeks.  When playing envelopment this is a key to victory.  Divide you opponents force and overwhelm him before he can respond.

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