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Monday, January 26, 2015

Star Wars - Wilson Graphic Battle Mat

I recently became the proud parent of a Wilson Graphic Battle Mat to use for Star Wars X-Wing, Star Trek Attack Wing, and the soon to be released Star Wars Armada.  These high quality mats are printed on heavy duty canvas and available through Etsy.  Wilson Graphic's has nine different space themed battle mats available for purchase.  The one I ended up getting was called Blue Tempest.

Wilson Graphics ships you your battle mat rolled up in a poster tube, which makes for a nice carrying case and works great for storage.  Because it is rolled up the edges will want to curl in on you but after a few minutes of weighting down the corners it is no longer a problem.  

The mat is is printed a high quality canvas, is smooth and has exquisite detail.  I love the blue nebula look of the Blue Tempest mat.  The mat is 3'x3' which is perfect for X-Wing games.

Models slide across these canvas mats with ease, which is nice.  Previously I used a felt space mat and often model bases would get hung up on the felt fibers. 

These mats rock in at $60, which is a little more than felt mats, but well worth it for the high quality and level of detail, which felt mats cannot achieve.  If you are looking for one space mat for X-Wing, Attack Wing, Star Wars Armada, or Firestorm Armada games, definitely check out Wilson Graphics.  They travel easily and are a must have if you play space games.

Id like to see Wilson Graphics give you the option to add hexes to the mat and do game matts for World War II and World War I games like Check Your Six.  These games would also require a hex mat. 

If you have kids, a wife, or girl friend make sure you checkout the huge selection of wall decals in their Etsy store.  I have some of their sweet tank decals which include a M4 Sherman, T-34, and Panzer IV.

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