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Monday, January 19, 2015

Steven's 2014 Painted Models

It's that time of year again where we all look back and see how much lead we painted (or, more appropriately, how much we left unpainted!). My 2013 haul was pretty solid, though 2014 was less productive. A trans-global move, discovery of  a game that was most certainly designed for me, and a new gaming console have pretty much done me in! I did, however, add an airbrush to my painting table, and that's been great fun!

Anyhow, here's the list of what I got done for all of the world to see. Here's to a productive 2015!

Soviet BT7As (6x) (2nd Jan)
10x Soviet IS-2s + Tank Escorts (25th Jan)
10x Soviet SU-100
6x Soviet SU-85M
3x German SU-85s
1x German SU-100
3x Captured Soviet Halftracks (March 2)
7x German Panzer III L (March 15)
8x German Panzer III N (March 15)
German: 2x Recce Patrols from DM (sd kfz 231/1 & 231/4 with puma turret options) (March 25)
German: 6x 234/22 Pak 40 halftracks (March 25)
German: 2x 8 Rads (March 25)
Martians: 3x Assault Tripods (May 27)
All Quiet 6x US Mk II Steam Tanks (June 2)
3x US Mk IIb Steam Tanks (June 2)
1x US Mk III Steam Tank (June 2)
3x Martian Assault Tripods redo (July 24)
6x German King Tigers w/ turret options
Bolt Action Soviet Valentine
4x 2cm Flak38 Guns

Pictures aren't in any order whatsoever.

 Love these things!

 These took me WAY too long. Each rider is individually pinned. That took ages!

 Gonna need more Puma! Keep on Pumin'

 I really like how these Panzer IIIs turned out.

 I painted a whole lot of these guys. I mean a lot.

 Those IS-2s all lined up.

 More Panzer IIIs.

 Who doesn't love a Pak Puma?


 I redid the tripods to make them darker.

 King Tigers!

28mm Valentine.
 Panzer III detail
 More detail

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