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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bolt Action - OXI - Greek Army Project Part 7 - More Support

Another week and more progress on my Greeks.  This week I added more support weapons to my Greeks to give the infantry to fire support and tools to take on any enemy.

I added a Forward Artillery Observer, two MMGs, an ATR, and a light AT gun.

The light AT gun is the Italian AT gun from Warlord Games.

My ATR is from Black Tree Design's polish range, while his spotter is from the Warlord Italian command pack.

Both my Greek MMGs are French MMGs from Warlord.

My FAO are figures from Warlord Italian range.

Like all my other figures I had to do a fair amount of head swapping using Plastic Russian heads from Warlord games.  I am getting excited because we near the end of this project.  Next week I'll show off my Greek mechanized troops.  Until then join us on the forum or on facebook.

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