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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bolt Action - OXI - Greek Army Project Part 6 - Mountain Troops

Another week and another update to my growing Greek army.  This week I added twenty Mountain troops, bringing the count up to 160 pairs of infantry boots.  The Greek Mountain troops were the best troops Greece had to fend off the Italians and Germans.  Deployed to the mountainous northern regions of Greece, these troops were tough and rugged.  They are also the best infantry available to a player interested in fielding a Greek force.  These regular tough fighter will give the Axis invaders a head ache.

Right now I have two squads of ten mountain troops.  Instead of using the same models I am using for my regular Greeks so I decided to go with troops in long coats.  Most pictures of Greek soldiers fighting in Greece depict them wearing these long coats.  I used Polish troops in long coats from Black Tree Design as a substitute.  I had to do some head swapping on some figures,  because one of the figures has a field cap.

First Ten Men

Second Ten Men

The BTD pack only has four poses, which is a bummer.  I wish they had two packs so I didn't have so many repeats.

I added a grenade to the end of these rifles so I could take VB launchers.  To make the grenade I used a round piece of plastic from a left over sprue.

I also scratch built more LMGs using left over bits.

Like all my other Greeks, I went crazy on the mustaches for historical accuracy.  This does it for my infantry for now.  I have some more vehicle and support weapon options before I am done with this awesome army.  

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