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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bolt Action - OXI - Greek Army Project Part 5 - Raw Recruits

The Greeks utilized a variety equipment and uniforms during the invasion of their country by the Axis. Outside of wearing the Italian helmet and style uniform, they could also wore British style uniforms.  This became especially true toward the end of the campaign when new recruits were being shuffled to the front.  New recruits would likes be issue British helmets and uniforms parts.

The Greeks can only take three type of infantry; regulars, inexperienced, and mountain troops.  My plan is to uses different models to represent each of these troops option in my army.  Many of the other armies, mostly the big four, can purchase a variety of troops in different uniforms.  This naturally distinguishes one unit from the other for yourself and your opponent.  I picked up and started a British desert force recently and thought that there was room for using them in my Greek army as inexperienced troops, or the raw recruits being sent to stop the Axis.  I can also use them to represent Greek troops that fought in the desert and Italy.

Of all the BTD figure I own these are my least favorite, but they work.  The troops are fairly one dimensional and cartoon like.  Very chunky and bulbous.  I like more of the other BTD ranges, but the 8th Army range is limited and over not very good.  However they still work and the price at BTD is always good.  If I thought these troops would get a lot of board time I would probably get another range, but these will do.  Raw recruits ready for dice.

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