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Monday, January 5, 2015

Bolt Action - My Australian Pacific Force Update

Some of The Assault Group Chindits, two thumbs up!

It has been a little while since I showcased the work in progress of my Australian Force in the Pacific using the Wartime Miniatures range however in this time I have not been idle. I have been adding to the army using different manufacturers including The Assault Group (TAG)Artizan MiniaturesBlitzkrieg Miniatures, and Warlord Games.

When building an army I always like to try different manufacturers in order to add diversity to a force and also show you loyal readers if these manufacturers can mix well with each other on a tabletop. TAG have an extensive range of British in the Far East, capturing the Chindits and Gurkhas, as well as more regular troops in the 14th Army. These are really nice miniatures and in equipment and dress are a good match for Australians in the Pacific. They have an excellent range and it would be no problem to build your entire infantry force just from TAG.

Artizan Australian Range, all eight of them.
The next manufacturer is Artizan Miniatures.  Now these guys are of course very well known for their Germans and Americans but not so well know is that they have a small selection of Australian miniatures. The range is limited to two blisters of four each and are perfect for supplementing an existing force. The quality is of course excellent as you would expect but with the limited range a force just of these would be very repetitive. They fit in perfectly with the TAG range though and different enough from the Wartime Miniatures range that they would stand out as a veteran squad without scratching your head too much trying to differentiate between squads. In company with the infantry I also bought an Artizan 25 Pounder and crew.

Warlord Games Chindit Mortars with a Warlord Games Bofors AA.

Next up is the Mortar teams from Warlord Games Chindit Range. Support weapons like mortars always seem to hard to find for armies outside the big four but Warlord have a great range of Chindit figures that again fit in very well. I have also added two Bofors AA guns from Warlord and added some of the Chindit heads to make them more Australian looking. They are obviously a work in progress and will be a really good option for the force that is not seen often on the table.

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Matilda II with a Warlord Games crew member.

From Blitzkrieg Miniatures I have purchased a Matilda II, Stuart and another 25 Pounder. These guys are really top notch and whilst they may not be the exact models used by Australians Armoured units in the Pacific they are close enough for me. I do not intend to use them often as I mostly want to run this force primarily with no vehicles, but they will be here if I need them.
Wartime Miniatures forming the bulk of the force.

The support.

So there you go team, an update on my progress so far. I have another squad from Artizan to paint, as well as another 20 or so from Wartime Miniatures but the army is almost in a playable state. I hope you guys have got something out of this update and as you can see if you want to create an Australian force there are any number of manufacturers out there that you can mix and match.

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