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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Bolt Action - Review: Laser Touch Figure Cases and Laser Cut Pin Markers

Hey Gang,

We in the Bolt Action community are lucky to play a game that over the years has been and continues to be supported by Warlord Games with new miniatures, terrain pieces and rules/books.  In addition, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to third party manufacturers of WW2 28mm models. Companies like Blitzkrieg Miniatures, Rubicon, Wartime, Artisan, etc... Have bulked out existing army ranges with new and varied units and sometimes create entire new ranges of models for us to collect in our quest to have the best armies possible. It is rare though for a company to come along to give us something completely new and different. Laser Touch has done exactly that on two counts by creating BA specific figure cases and army specific pin and objective markers.

Let's start with the latter. Laser Touch produces high quality laser cut hard plastic pin counters and matching objective markers. I LOVE this idea. In playing our game I have seen people use all manner of game pieces to represent pins on units. Some work well, others (in the case of often picked up dice) not so much. Being naturally absent minded I like that I can put clearly identifiable markers next to units to mark their pins. I also love the idea that I can have markers that match my army. I spend countless hours painting and creating these armies, it makes sense to me that I should have something cool to match that effort to mark pins and objectives.

As you can see above, I have a set of LRDG podcast markers. I also have a set of Ghost Army Podcast (featuring "Spooky the Ghost") markers coming. Do these match my armies? No. But will I be getting a set of the Red Soviet counters for my Naval Brigade and the Rising Sun Markers for my IJA VERY soon! At less than $20 for 20 pin markers and 3 objective markers. I am sold. I like them so much I literally give them out as Christmas presents to the guys this year.

Laser Touch also does custom cut figure cases that match your army (model for model) which is AMAZING! For those of us (like me) with a pile of models in glass cases. I needed something more versatile. I was very excited when Laser Touch came out with a case that holds variable trays specifically made for BA models. I like how the holes for infantry are slightly smaller that GW's heroic scale (which reduces model bumpage within cases) and that that creates more space within cases for more models. I also like that there are holes exactly large enough for weapons teams and arty pieces (regardless if you use 40mm, 60mm, or large oval sided bases).

Another feature I like is that there are vehicle slots that are perfect size for 1:56 and 1:48 vehicles and that these holes come with small buffer pads to once again reduce "bumpage" within cases.

By mixing and matching trays I am easily able to fit my entire (both vehicle heavy) very large DAK and Sikh army in one case for easy transport (with room to spare).
The cases also come with pouches galore for your books, tape measures, pin markers, dice, dice bags, phone chargers, IPAD's and... Well that is just some of the things that made it into my bag before my last game...

For those of you who like X-wing... They do X-wing trays as well so you can take your BA army AND X-wing squadrons to your next big gaming convention (I *cough cough* might be doing this)...

40mm Small Weapon Teams and Vehicles are a perfect fit!
So are those on 60mm bases
Lots of parking available
All the pouches!
Clearly I am a fan.  You might think this all sounds very positive... Well, it is. I love the stuff or I would't have written the piece. I highly recommend Laser Touch for your additional BA needs.  You can find their website HERE.

Til next time...

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