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Friday, January 9, 2015

Attack of the Panzer Bums! Panzer Company vs US tank Company

By Eric Lauterbach and Luke Melia

Luke and I decided to try out our 1600 point lists for the Huzzah tournament. Since I was slated to be a swing player I had two lists made.

So we decided to bang them together for a good test.

First, let me say I am big fan of cheap medium tanks and one of my favorite lists is out of "Bloody Guts and Glory:" the Panzerkompanie of reluctant trained tanks. These guys are Bums!! But they rarely lose.

They win with horrific casualties which makes them a terrible tournament army, but they usually come out on top.  On the fun scale they are great though. The US list I made was also a tank company out of BGG probably one of my favorite books and its another pile of trained medium tanks. My style is play fast and die hard and quick.  The mission was hasty attack.

The Panzer Bums are auto attack which works to their favor.

The US had recon, priests, and mortars off board.

On table the US had M10s, and two platoons of Shermans.

The Germans started with 14 Panzer IVs and 3 Stugs!!

Odd ball the 2ic 

On Luke's turn he sneaks up for a lucky shot which, good for me, only bails the tank.
Luke makes his stormtrooper and hides

Not much happens on the US turn.

Even with the CO help I fail to bail in so Luke goes for it on his turn.

He gets five hits and I roll the above for saves...five and sixes baby!

On the other flank I am not so lucky and Luke nails a Sherman.

I knocked a barrel off and these still killed my Sherman

US turn time for some payback!

Dropped the M10 ambush as well this going to be ugly.

Some how Luke's CO survives.

The US shooting on the other flank only gets a bail.

On Luke's turn he takes some long rang shots at the M10s.

He kills and bails just enough M10s for a check which they fail.

His lucky long range shooting does not hold up on the other flank and nobody gets hurt.

This is the US chance to win and we gotta go for it.

I decide to hit the middle hill guys with my other platoon firing eight shots using stabilizers so I'm hitting on fours. I get one hit....very very bad.

My shots on the other flank hit but I can't roll firepower.

I did manage to kill one Stug forcing a morale check on his Reluctant platoon.... AND HE PASSES!  Its a very bad turn.

Well my very poor turn of shooting causes me big time pain and Luke kills three and bails one at least I pass morale.

Its not going well at all Luke has all his platoons on the table and I have not got any reserves. And this stupid easy eight will not bail back in!

To make matters worse all his reluctant tanks bail back in.... protected ammo really works well with these guys.

US did manage to run off the last Stug so its going to be a 4-3 either way.

Stug move in to finish the US off.

BANG! another platoon gone.

Luke shoots at the other remaining US platoon and rolls this!

Then I roll this for saves.....
US turn still no reserves and no real chance so we call it. Win for the Panzer-Bums!
The German Panzer-Bums with 30 armored vehicles can be a real tough pill to swallow even if they are reluctant. If they are able to mass their firepower on you its going to be ugly. Not getting any reserves and fighting half the US army against most of the German did not help at all.  Still the US had a chance if the one bad turn of shooting was just average, with the bad turn it was a walk over for Luke.

Tarzan and Cool-Pants take no prisoners!!

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