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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bolt Action - AAR: Tanks in the East

Russians and Germans face off in a head to head counter assault on the Eastern Front.   As the Russians storm forward, the Germans throw lightly armored recon cars and Marders into the the lines in a desperate attempt to stop the onslaught.

Russian Army
BA-10 (HQ)
3 x T-34
3 x Trucks
Free Squad
2 x 6 SMG vets
1 x 6 Tank Riders
1 x 11 Free Riflemen
Heavy Mortar
Ampulomet launcher

German Army
8 Rad
Sdkfz 222
2 x Marders
1 x StuH 42
3 x Trucks
Medium Mortar
3 x 5 Veterans (LMG, 2 Rifles, and 3 Assault Rifles)

The Battlefield.

In an opening move the Germans take out a truck full of riflemen.

The troops bail after several casualties.

The Russians return the favor and take out a Marder.

BA-10 scouts ahead.

Taking out the Marder.

Russians drop smoke.

Germans try to take out the ATR.

The full attack by the Russians unfold.

The StuH puts a round into the riflemen.

More Germans arrive to combat the Russians.

Russians and Germans battle it out.

More Germans advance.

A strong force of Russian reinforcements move on the farm.

Russians take over behind the BA-10.

A desperate battle for the flank rages on.

A Marder glances shots of a T-34.

Russians overwhelm the German flank.

The BA-10 clears the area of German infantry.

Sneaky Russians.

The Russian T-34 engages the StuH at point blank range.

The 222 loses a wheel.

The Russians launch an unsuccessful assault.

The bodies and pins start pilling up.

After the farm falls a desperate struggle for the bridge begins.

The German mortar crew is gunned down by advancing Russians.

The BA-10 overheats and breaks down.

Both sides close in on the bridge.

Close range fighting erupts as rounds bounce off armor.

A German NCO rushes the Russian ampulomet team as his buddies are gunned down.

This was another fun tank war game, even if we played to a tie.  The Germans held the bridge and the Russian took the farm.  One thing that is a bummer about tank wars if that there is a good chance of  a tie if there are even number of objectives.  Its hard to declare a clear winner in those situation, however it was still a fun game.  Unlike our last game, were nearly every tank was knocked out we had a lot of hits, but few kills.  Well until next time keep rolling dice.

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