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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Steven's Huzzah Hobbies Open Late War tournament (Dec 13) Picture Dump!

Lukee and Throck put on a tournament up at Huzzah Hobbies (what a great game store!) in DC, and I decided to run a train on it. As usual, I am bad at taking pictures during my actual games, but here's a mega-dump of all the pics I did take!

The Armies
This is what I ran. Panzerkompanie from Grey Wolf with a train (2 heavy arty cars and a tank hunter), 4 Marder III Ms, Mobelwagens, Pumas.

 Lots of Hungarians on display! That breakthrough gun is noice.

 Luke's arty party

 Lotta Remagen big cats out there too!

 Pershings! Chris ran them aggressively!

 The first round was Hasty Attack, and I played against Wally's US Gliders.

I was aggressive and pushed pretty hard, but unfortunately we ran out of time. Classic example of having defeat snatched from the jaws of victory! Despite only losing one or two tanks in total, this one turned out to be a 1-6 for me! Ouch! I nabbed a platoon of his, but he had 10 platoons. D'oh!

 The train kept his Shermans busy, eventually cutting the platoon in half and leaving them stranded!

 The desperate push on the left as time drew near.

 This game was against Anthony's Brit motor infantry and wound up being an incredibly close and fun game. The mission was FFA.

 His planes were relentless, although lucky rolls saw their damage fairly mitigated.

 The train did go down in this one, after some shooting from a self propelled Bofors truck! Maybe the only kill those trucks have ever scored!

 Anthony pushed my objective hard with Cromwells and a Firefly!

 We managed to pull out a hard fought win on this one! 4-3.

The last game was Breakthrough vs Soviet Tankovy. I won the die roll to attack, and carefully set my train tracks so I could get across them on turn one before I was blocked! Some very aggressive shooting and expertly landed bombardments from the train saw off both of his companies by the end of shooting on turn two... ouch! 6-1 here, but with a total of 11 points it put me way too far behind to make a difference!

I then grabbed a copy of "Bang!" and proceed to Bang the Gobels. Ben took home 1st in the tournament!

Thanks to Throck, Luke, Huzzah, and my opponents for a very enjoyable time!

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