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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Bolt Action - Rubicon Lend-lease Competition Winner

   The Rubicon Lend-lease Competition has come to a close and we had some great entries.  It's great to see so many players adding cinematic elements to really bring their games to life.  So sit back and enjoy a look the destruction wrought by you BARbarians. (Winner at bottom)

HPAndy's StuH 42 goes up in flames.

Cat's Staghound brews up as it rounds a corner.

Dunn911's Panther takes a Bazooka shot to it's flank.

Slatronic couldn't reverse quick enough as his Chaffee is knocked out by a T-34/85.

Seb B loses his T-34/85 to a Stuka bombing run.

Recce can't save Lord_Mongol's Puma.

 Miller's Sherman is knocked out as it moves along the left flank.

Afilter's unsuspected Grant is BBQ'd by a German Pioneer team.

Another photo from Slatronic of his poor Chaffee being destroyed by a Cromwell.

Stick1975 loses a Chaffee and Sherman to German aircraft before an American pilot joins in and drops his bombs on the Greyhound!

Somewhere in France, Angel's Firefly takes one from a German Panzer IV.

Rjharter's Ha Go is torched by US Marines at Tawara.

WehrWolfgang's Kettenkrad takes cover behind a wrecked Hetzer.

Slatronic's Chaffee is knocked out again.

NoRecoil has his Panzer III destroyed by assaulting Brits in the desert.

A British Churchill gets the jump on Styx's Sdkfz 222.

Olidious is spurned by Poseiden as he loses a Panzer IV, Stuka Zu Fuss and Opel Blitz all in one turn!  
[Probably to a single ATR ;)]

    And now, our randomly drawn winner and the lucky recipient of some Rubicon reinforcements...

Poobah's Matilda II is fatally ambushed by a Marder II.

   We'd like to thank Rubicon Models for their generous support and to all the members who entered the competition.  There was some seriously awesome entries.

    Keep tuned for more reviews of Rubicon's lovely plastic kits and more competitions!

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