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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Blitzkrieg Miniatures 25 Pounder

I had a sweet package from Blitzkrieg Miniatures arrive at my doorstep a few weeks back containing a 25 Pounder, a Matilda II and Stuart for my Australian in the Pacific. These are the first items I have purchased from this company and I was very impressed to say the least, in particular the 25 Pounder is just a great bit of kit and I thought I would tell you guys about it in this review.

I have put together a number of artillery pieces in the 1/56 range from various manufacturers and without fail I end up with bits left over or gun barrels slightly off center. There is also a frustratingly general lack of instruction guides combined with an excessive amount of small metal parts that really has me scratching my head in wonder. 

Well with the 25 Pounder from Blitzkrieg all my frustration and aversion fell away as soon as I cracked the package. There are only six parts all up with the gun carriage and shield as one piece (thank you so much!), two wheels for the carriage, the gun barrel, the round firing and traversing platform and finally the limber (all in one piece). 

Everything dry fit very snuggly and there was only some very minor flash to clean away before gluing it together. It is made of a very lightweight resin and has very clean lines throughout which gives a very clean look to the artillery piece. The only drawback of this kit is that it does not come with crew however these can be sourced from any number of manufacturers to suit the rest of your army or created from some left over plastics. 

It is retailed direct from the blitzkrieg website for 20 pounds with free postage anywhere in the world and being inclusive of the limber makes it a very reasonably priced kit. Postage time from order to delivery between the UK and Australia was around three weeks, which is about normal from my experience. 

If you are looking for some artillery support for your British or Commonwealth nations then it would be hard to pass up this kit from Blitzkrieg.

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