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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Bolt Action - OXI- Greek Army Project Part 3 - Armor Support

A quick update on the progress of my Greek army.  I added some armored support to force in the form of FT-17 tanks from Trenchworx.  These Great War relics saw limit service in the Greek army, so limited it is unclear if they actually saw combat against the Axis.  Regardless there were several in Greek service and so I added two to my Greek army.

The French made FT-17 was the most widely produced tank of World War One, but by the begining of World War Two they had fallen out of significant use.  Lightly armored and equipped with MMG, FT-17s were little more than slow moving pill boxes.  Tranchworx makes some of the finest looking tank models I have ever seen.  Using 3D printing they make a master which they then make a mold out of and cast into high quality resin.  If you haven't heard of Trenchworx you need to go check them out.

Super happy with this addition to my Greek army, even though it does not mount a antitank gun or cannon, it is a great value for the mobile MMG.  I look forward to harassing my enemies with this dynamic duo. 

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