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Monday, December 22, 2014

News from the Front Episode 86 - The Christmas Special

It's Episode 86!  All the guys are in, with Steven, Luke, Tarzan and Dirty Jon bringing you holiday greetings!  

In Act I, the dudes talk about what they have been up to and cover a lot of FoW games in the AAR.  They guys also reveal their holiday wish lists, so I hope Santa is listening!

In Act II, Luke talks a lot about things he learned running a tournament.  The guys also dive in to Hungarians and their recent popularity.

In Act III, there is an epic, knock-down, drag out fight (not really) about Japanese and tournament scoring.  At the end, do a short commonly overlooked rules to wrap it up.

After Hours

In this wide ranging After Hours, the guys talk about what happened in the WWPD world in the past year.  We discuss what number episode this actually is and troll our listeners a bit.  We proceed to talk some Chain of Command, Destiny, Artemis, The Hobbit and troll Luke.  Happy Holidays!

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