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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Netrunner Newbie Stories: My First Corp Deck

So, Steven dragged me in to Android: Netrunner and I think I am an even bigger fan of it than he is!  I really like this game, but I am really bad at it.  I have been trying to concentrate on the Corp side of the game, and specifically on Jinteki.  I chose this corp for no other reason that the art looked cool, but I have really grown to like the strategy this Corp employs - kill the Runner.

If you are an advanced Netrunner player (or even middle of the road), looking for a killer Jinteki tournament deck, this article is not for you.  I am just posting my deck and some thoughts on how this thing works. If you have suggestions or comments, please see the forum link at the end.


I went with Jinteki Personal Evolution as my Identity.  This card does 1 net damage whenever an Agenda is stolen or scored.  This works well with my strategy of killing the Runner.  As you will see later, this deck can do a lot of damage really quickly.  If the Runner "succeeds" on a run, this damage can set him up for some additional damage that he may not account for.


For this deck, I put in 21 points of Agendas.  I am not really planning to win by scoring Agendas, so I selected a lot of 2 pointers.  This helps in two ways - first, it combos with my Identity above - more Agendas, more damage.  Second, it makes the runner steal four Agendas to win.  I do have one 3 point Agenda that I may end up taking out of the deck in the future.

3x Fetal AI:  This card is all kinds of good.  3 points of net damage can be a big hit if unexpected.  With this card, the Runner has to be very careful using his last click to look for Agendas.  If he gets this one, he is taking damage and possibly losing 2 credits as well.

3x Nisei MK II: This card has multiple uses for the deck.  First, it is a 2 point Agenda.  If I score it, it provides a much-needed "End the run", which can be rare for Jinteki.  What I do with this is deploy it and advance it once on an open remote server.  The Runner usually thinks this is a Junebug.  Now I have an Agenda I can score in one turn and do one point of damage.  

3x Braintrust:  Another cheap Agenda.  I almost never get the bonus for advancement.

1x Eden Fragment: A neutral Agenda that can give me 3 points.  This is of marginal use to this deck, but I thought it looked like a cool card.  I guess the utility is that there is a possible way to score three Agendas and actually win.  This is the most likely Agenda to be replaced as I increase my card pool.


3x Snare!: I love this card.  This is great in every way, but does force you to keep 4 credits in your bank at all times.  Runners will be very paranoid when you have lots of credits - unfortunately, credits can be a problem in this deck.

3x Project Junebug: Meat and potatoes card here.  Junebug is well know and feared.  At just 1 Credit cost, this can be very efficient if advanced a couple of times.  If this is out, you may want to keep 5 Credits all the time instead of 4.

3x Ronin: This is a recent addition to the deck, but I like it very much.  Once the Runner knows this is in the deck, it makes advancing things multiple times harder for him to deal with.  Is that thing a Ronin?  Is it an Agenda?  Is it a super Junebug?

3x Pad Campaign: Credits can be a problem, and this card can help.  It likely will not last long, but will cost the Runner a click and 4 Credits to kill it.  Also, if accessed from R&D, it can suck 4 Credits out of a Runner's pile.  Not perfect, but a utility card.


3x Snowflake: The main thing I like about Snowflake is that it is cheap.  I can slap this down and play a little side game with the Runner and maybe keep him out.  I can pump up Ice in this deck, so having some cheap stuff around it pretty key.

3x Chum: Ah, Chum.  This card can be very good if placed correctly.  This thing can be pretty nasty if placed in front of Chimera or a Neural Katana.  Another cheap piece of Ice to keep the Runner on his toes.

3x Chimera: I love this neutral Ice.  This is can be perfect if placed behind Chum and you select the right type of Ice.  It can get a little expensive is the downside here.  I rarely pull this off, but the thought of it is hard to resist.

3x Wall of Static: I have this neutral Ice in here for variety.  I feel like I run a bit much Ice for a Jinteki deck, but here it is. This is another boost target for Chum.

3x Neural Katana: If this is hit at the wrong time, it can be a game-winner.  Obviously, this is here to kill the runner.  Combined with Chum, this can kill a Runner all by itself.


3x Neural EMP:  Another card that is a must-have in this deck.  A couple of these in the hand can finish off an unwise Runner, especially if he hits a Junebug or a Katana.  NEVER play this unless you are winning the game.  I keep these right in the hand to protect other cards in the hand and to remind the Runner that if he gets too low in hand size, he is dead meat.

3x Beanstalk Royalties: This deck is very, very poor.  This Weyland card helps to get you get partially back up to the 4 Credit minimum with just one click.

3x Shipment from Kaguya: Another Weyland card, this one helps with free Advancement.  You can play this card and get 2 advancement tokens for just a click, thus saving cash.  This can help disguise your advancements in your Remote Servers.

2x Archived Memories: This Haas-Bioroid card is here to retrieve Scorched Earth or Neural EMP for a finishing blow.

1x Scorched Earth:  Snare! is the only card in this deck that can put a tag on the Runner.  However, if that card hits, the Runner can be killed with this card. I have pulled this off only one time, but man, is it effective.  The mere threat of this card is usually enough for the Runner to remove a tag and/or be very nervous about making a run with his last click.


I am no expert with this game.  I find this deck very interesting and fun because of how unpredictable it is.  I generally either win really fast or lose really fast.  I keep 4 Credits around and hope the Runner hits a Snare! I try to keep a Junebug out there all the time and periodically throw down an open Agenda and advance it as well.  I try to keep the Remote Servers a total mystery and semi-randomly put Ice out there.  I do stack up Ice on the HQ, R&D and Archives when I can.  

If the Runner has a lot of cards that allow him to peek at face-down cards, this deck is fairly easily beaten.  Without the mystery, I'm toast.

The feedback I have gotten is that the deck is fun to play against, win or lose.  I feel playing with it is the same way - it is at least interesting, if not effective!

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