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Friday, December 26, 2014

Huzzah Hobbies Late War Open Tournament AAR

By Sean and Luke

A couple of weekends ago Luke and I had the great good fortune to run a 1600 point late war tournament for some folks up at Huzzah Hobbies, one of our favorite FLGS.

The three round tournament hosted 20 players with an even spread of axis and allies and nothing was banned except NGFS and fortified companies.

The Germans sported three lists with with 3 or more Jagdtigers/King tigers, along with 2 Hungarian lists and a Finnish Sturmi Kompania. The Allies actually had 5 soviet players along with 1 Brit and 4 Americans. One of the American lists was the good ole arty park while two happened to be my personal favorite, the Chaffe horde!

Our missions were:
~Hasty Attack
~Free For All

We were able to secure a Flames of War blister for each player along with prizes for 1st through 5th, Best Painted and our "Sweetheart" player; he who placed lowest.

By round three we had two players with double 6-1's facing off on the top table and one player who actually managed a 7-0 as he killed of Otto Carius without losing a platoon. It was a tight race to the finish but in the end the top five were:

Ben Gobel 3-0 16 points, 7-0 3rd round Hungarian Zrinyis
Noah DeZwart 3-0 16 points (lost out on power of opponent) American Chaffees
Bob Evans 2-1 15 points, German infantry with Tiger support
Luke Melia 2-1 15 points (lost out on power of opponent), American infantry with Arty Park
Kato Lee 2-1 14 points, American Chaffees

Two Chaffee lists in the top five! A tournament after my own heart.

Well, that's plenty of ado, check out the sweet pics!

A little Belgium action

The team setting up. 

Luke "Cool Pants" Melia and Chris Corman figuring out how to play scenarios. No guys, we're not playing surrounded. 

Ben Gobel and Tim Grimmet talking through Ben's (tournament winning) Hungarian list. 

"Not an arty park" Says Luke :)


Chaffees! You'll see a number of pics of my favorite tank. 

Errrmmm... Are those Pershings? This quixotic list brought to you by Chris Jacques. 

Mitch Reed brings the Westfalen

Wally John's rendition of the tank from "Fury"

Stevie Mac is running the train!


One Zrinyi for 5 T34's. Seems... legit?

This pic makes my heart sad. 

The Russians are having none of this nonsense.

Seth DeZwart's Otto Carius and Albert Kersher face off against the mechanized might of Chris Jacques' Yanks. And die horribly. 

So... technically you can't stop on a linear obstacle STEVE. 

Troy DeZwart's plucky Brits face off against Mich Reed's Westfalen. And they're... falin' to save against those tank trap teams. OUCH!

Rule No. 1. T34's shouldn't charge at a Jagdtiger if they want to live. Rule No. 2, don't keep your half tracks near T34s if they want to live. 

Many T34s died to bring us this information. 
 MANY T34s

You might have some hetz... 

My those are some pretty tanks Chris Gobel is running... I wonder who he borrowed them from *COUGH COUGH*


Vs. Kato's Chaffee horde. 

Steve is running a train on Troy. 

This historically accurate picture brought to you by Flames of War. 

Pumas be all like, "Come on guys! Wait Up!!"

Arty park cook out party 2014. Who brought the Schlitz!?

Spotter spotting a spotter.... So meta

It's a lonely road for the humble T34 at our tournament. 

Tim and Scott get intense!

Top Table round 3. Bloodbath saw a 4-3 outcome to Noah DeZwart's Ami's Chaffee list over Bob Evans German infantry list. 

Just some excellent Volkssturm

I want to thank Chris from Huzzah for hosting and proving an always great gaming space for us. Luke and Steve for helping to set up in the morning and Luke for getting all the butts in the room and securing some excellent prize support. A great time was had by all!

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