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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bolt Action - Happy Holidays

Australian and US soldiers celebrate Christmas, Buna - Papua New Guinea 1942

Happy Holidays from the crew at  We will be taking the week off to spend time with family and friends, open gifts, paint minatures, and roll dice.  Make sure you come back the following week for new articles and all the Bolt Action goodness your heart can handle.

For those able to fit some Bolt Action goodness in between all that turkey and stuffing, here are some great articles you may have missed lately:

Santa drop of some resin vehicles? Make sure you check out Patch's guide on preparing them for painting.

Looking for inspiration for a new army? We have had some interesting army projects developing from the team, all collecting minor powers armies from the Allies and Axis. Cbax's Greeks have come together rapidly and even star in their first AAR.

Patch has been hard at work on his French collection (it's simply too big to call an army now!), this time focusing on the Free French in Late war.

Bryan has been working on his Hungarians and has a few modelling and painting guides for you BARbarians to get some ideas from.

Playing some Bolt Action on your break? Finally, be sure to check out the new Format. Season one kicks off from January 1st so be sure to have a look and most importantly try it out in a game and give us feedback.

Dano and Jud discuss 'The Format' in BAR 31, perfect listening while you paint up some reinforcements.

And of course, Happy holidays from the team!

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