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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bolt Action - Duelling Paint Brushes

Hey BARbarian and LERDIGURs!

Here is the result of the month's worth of 'Duelling Paintbrushes'. With the exception of your's truly everyone has been working hard and produced some amazing stuff.

So sit back and hold on for this amazing ride!

Bryan - Hungarians

Lets start with Bry and his sexyful Hungarians. They're pretty boss! So far he has managed a couple of squads of infantry, the HQ officers, 2 light tanks and an assault gun.

Veteran scouts, miniatures are by Artizan Designs

Zrinyii II Assault Howitzer, by Mad Bob Miniatures

Hungarian Infantry, miniatures are Artizan Designs 

Patch - Australians (and now Germans and French as well!)

Patch has also been hard at work, and he's extended his brief, painting up a King Tiger as well as a small platoon of Moroccan Goumiers. These are literally tough fighting colonial troops from the French army and were famous for their mountain fighting exploits in breaking the German line near Monte Cassino.

A white washed King Tiger (Porsche turret) ready for winter fighting. Miniature from JTFM

The Moroccan Goumiers, veteran tough fighters, you don't want to mess with these guys. 

As per Patch's original plan he has of course finished his Australian squad and Matilda Tank. Behold their glory, we'll be seeing a full article on this project soon from the man himself!

Matilda tank by Blitzkrieg miniatures and infantry from Artizan Designs

An Australian 25pdr 'short', modified for jungle fighting

Cbax - Greeks

CBax's lovely Greeks!  Remember these will serve as the Greeks that fought under the British in the desert and Italy.  They will also be used to represent inexperienced conscripts who fought toward the end of the campaign in Greece.  The infantry is from Black Tree Designs and the tank is from Blitzkrieg Miniatures.

Greek platoon ready for fighting in the western desert

Cbax has taken the time to paint on facial hair, giving these troops a unique look to regular British troops

Thanks to the new Format, you can bring your LMG's to the table again

Blitzkrieg Miniatures Stuart light tank

Greek command HQ

Greek 81mm mortar team

Lachlan (Mouth of Madness) - USMC

Last and very much least, I only managed 6 USMC. I need to find out what Patch's secret is to army painting! I guess I need to believe in myself more..

Join us on the forum to discuss any of these army projects and show us what you are working on:

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