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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs British Desert Tank War

Got a proper Tank War game in again.  1250 points vs 1250 points.  Andy and I have been slowly working on our desert armor forces and finally got enough tanks done to fake a battle.  I have to admit I have never been a big fan of the desert, until about turn three of this game.  Maybe its because I am burnt out on Normandy and Russian, but armor in the desert was great.  This was also one of the best games of Bolt Action I have played in a while.  Our lists had the right mix of armor and infantry to make the game interesting and fun.  We also used the Format for game play.

German Army
1 x Panzer III Command
1 x Sdkfz 222
1 x Panzer II
2 x Panzer III
2 x Trucks
1 x Half Track
Medium Mortar
2nd Lieutenant
2 x 7 Man Infantry (SMG, LMG)
1 x 8 Man Infantry (SMG, LMG)

British Force
1 x Command Stuart
2 x Stuarts
1 x Valentine
1 x Sherman
2 x Trucks
1 x Jeep
2 x 6 Infantry (SMG, LMG)
1 x 8 Infantry (SMG, LMG)
Medium Mortar
1 x 2 pdr

The fighting took place near a ruined house along a desert causeway.   We played the Tank War scenario and ended up with four objectives.

British Stuart takes up position.

More British armor and the 25pdr deploy

Advance elements of the German task for advance across the sand.

British and German armor exchange fire.

German draw first blood.

Then second.

The Germans secure their first objective.

The British command tank takes up position behind the wreck.

The 25pdr takes out the German mortar.

British infantry advance in support of the armor.

British troops take cover among the rocks on this hill.

British armor immobilize a Panzer III.

White smoke pours out of the Panzer III as its tracks fall off.

The Brits drop smoke to cover their men.

A third British tank lights up.

British troops advance as more smoke is dropped.

German panzers mass toward the last British Stuart.

The German MMG takes up position on the German flank.

The Germans press the attack.

British infantry hold on for Queen and Country.

The last British Stuart tries to fend of the might of Rommel's horde.

The British unsuccessfully assault the broke down Panzer.

The Brits drop a mortar round danger close.

The British try to secure the ruined house and advance through the smoke.

A handful of British hold of the British armor.

Suddenly a German panzer explodes after being outflanked by a Sherman.

The remaining Panzer III engages the Stuart at point blank range.

The German 222 aggressively dispatched the Sherman.

German infantry take out the British mortar.

Then secure the hill.

The last Stuart goes up, the Germans have defeat five allied tanks for the loss of one and immoblization of another.

The battle has turned against the Brits as objective after objective is secured by the Germans.

The remaining Brits raise their hands in surrender as Rommel's Panzers continue their attack east.

Had a great game, loved every moment of it.  War in the desert is a ton of fun, expecially for tanks.  I do need to pick up some more vehicles for my Brits as I used some American trucks and Sherman as filler, but over all it was a blast.  I like Tank war with more points, you get a good mix of tanks and infantry, plus the games play faster.  Can't wait to get more dust on my tracks.

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