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Friday, November 21, 2014

What Motivates You?

Motivation, you either have it or you don't. There comes a time where you look at some of the stuff you have piling up around you and wonder where the time will come from to get it all assembled and painted!
Motivation is generally defined as the desire or willingness to do something. In this case, getting into your hobby area to paint or put models together for games you enjoy playing. The first step for me when I need to get motivated, is to plan, plan and then plan some more. I take into account what I am getting ready for. Is there a tournament coming? Does this platoon of tanks have some use sooner than later? Do I already have something painted that I can just 'touch up' in order to make them look better? Just a few questions you likely use in order to prioritize your work.

Prime time! Chaffee sweatshop in action.
  1. Tidy up your hobby area, throw out that old bit of paper towel you used to wipe off your brushes the last time you painted. Is that water in your rinsing cup clean? If you can't tell the difference between water or that Guinness you just poured, maybe it's time to use fresh water!
  2. Only have the models in front of you that you are working on, keep everything else including loose bits of sprue in a small tin or a tackle box with separate dividers.
  3. Work with two important things, good lighting and a good chair. Yours eyes and your butt will thank you once you've been at it for a few hours.
Now that you're squared away, where does the drive to sit down and put some paint on your stuff? Here are some of mine, put at least one of these to use the next time you buy some models or dig something out of your drawer to paint.

 Printed material, have a read and dive into some history. Seeing the way other people paint, what effects, techniques and the finished product is one thing I use to motivate myself. Not only to paint, but to get my finished product looking like it belongs in a magazine. If you're not motivated by others, you'll rush your own painting and the final result will be less appealing for sure.

 Books, or the shows on which they're based. Another good place to start seeing some of the units, and how they are represented in your mind or on the big screen when you're painting or playing is a great motivator.

Have something on in the background. Grab an old WW2 movie, or fire something up online. You get Marvin and Bronson in one movie!? I'm in! Can't wait to paint me up some Americans!! 'Nazi Mega Weapons' is an amazing set of documentaries, the 'Super Tanks' and 'Submarine Pens' are my two favorites.

The key for J.O.E. was too keep moving and should be the same for you. Set small goals in the beginning, get some models based. If you're doing tanks, get all the tracks done at once before moving onto another part of the tank after a short break. Infantry is a different beast, paint only boots, helmets and then take on the rest! Painting should be fun and if done in moderation, you'll stay motivated and focused to finished what you started.

Matt 'ViciousEgo' MacKenzie has been interested in WW2 and gaming since a teenager. He regularly contributes to, is retired on weekends and is a host of Dice Devils Podcast, a monthly look at FoW and other gaming.

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