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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Bolt Action - LRDG Podcast Episode 20

The LRDG Episode 20

The boys from Melbourne are back like Arney! The guys talk missions, AT choices in the changing meta of BA, spray priming etiquette, and briefly touch on the new D-day to Berlin book. Lachlan gets down in the trenches and interviews folks during the MOAB event and the guys review the Offensive Miniatures LRDG truck. Finally the guys also take a closer look at the Armies of Great Britain book and talk through their favourite units and units that they love to hate. 

Though we are notorious for loose talk and imbibing tasty beverages, we in the LRDG take substance abuse very seriously.  The music featured in the introduction and conclusion of this episode is provided, by old friends of the cast, "The Friendship Commanders." You can find more information about the band on their website provided below. "Them Bones" is their annual Halloween cover tune. All proceeds from the sale of this song goes to charity organisations that help those who are battling addiction. They also have a rad cover of The Ramones tune "Pet Cemetery." Money from that song will also be donated to similar charities. We highly encourage you to check these guys out and that you help them support those in need.

As usual, you can find this episode directly on our App or in the ITunes Store OR you can look here.

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