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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Warlord Games Soviet Assault Engineers

At Historicon this year I scored a pack of the Soviet Assault Engineers from Warlord Games.  This pack includes an LMG, flame thrower, and five dudes with SMGs.  I supplemented the pack with four more guys in soviet overalls from Black Tree Designs to fill out the squad.

Here are the five SMG armed dudes from Warlord.  Assault engineers get the option to wear body armor, which is a cool option.    It makes them much more survivable and a scary.

Here are two BTD Soviet Scout figures that I added body armor to using plastic card.  I did this to give the unit a few more dudes.  I could have bought another Warlord pack, but prefer avoiding having duplicate figures if possible in a unit, plus I already had these guys at the house and adding armor was pretty easily.

The pack some with a flame thrower armed guy as well.  I didn't want to waste a SMG figure as his assistant so I used another BTD figure I had laying around.

Same goes for the LMG.  I didn't want to waste a SMG added a BTD rifleman.

I really like this metal figure set from Warlord.  Figures are dynamic with interesting poses

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