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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bolt Action - Review: Blitzkrieg Miniatures Honey Stuart and Bandai Valentine

When Blitzkrieg Miniatures announced that they were going to be offering free shipping world wide I immediate purchased two more of their amazing Honey Stuarts to form the core of a new British Armored Platoon.  The Honey Stuart is a iconic tank and Blitzkrieg Miniatures does this tank justice.  Blitzkrieg makes all resin tanks that require very little assembly.  The Stuart kit includes a hull (with tracks attached), a turret, a hatch, three MMGs and a main gun.  It took me less than twenty minutes to assemble all three of my Honey Stuarts and the detail is as good, if not better than, the best alternative kits on the market.  If your a gamer who wants high quality model tanks, but you don't want to frustratingly labor through the assembly process there is no better choice than Blitzkrieg Miniatures, especially if you game in 1/48 like me.

During the war in the desert the British used a variety of unique paint schemes which may leave you wondering why, but which are icon.  My favorite has always been the various light blue camouflage patterns.  I decided to give my Stuarts some more character and went ahead and gave them a blue camo pattern.

I also wanted to be able to easily distinguish my command tank from the other tanks in the platoon, so I took a crew member from my Bandai Valentine and added it to one of my Blitzkrieg Honey Stuarts.

To go with my Stuart armor platoon I assembled a now out of production Bandai Valentine.  This is a traditional model kit, and unlike the three Blitzkrieg tanks, which require almost no assembly, it took three times as long to assemble the Valentine.  I guess thats while I out sourced its assembly to my Dad in exchange for painting services.  Even though this model took a long time to put together it is still a fantastic plastic kit.  I have several of the old out of production Bandai kits and have never been disappointed with the final product or how the handle during game play.  If you can find a Bandai model tank don't hesitate to buy.

I am totally sold on Blitzkrieg Miniatures and they are my manufacturer got o of choice when I am buying tanks for my army.  The free shipping makes them competitively on par with other companies for cost, but the quality of their models sets them apart.  The only critique I have right now is that they don't have more tanks in their 1/48 sections.  To conclude if I need a tank and they make it I am heading to their shop to get it.

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