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Friday, November 14, 2014

List Spotlight: Mid War Compagnia Carri

Many longtime readers of WWPD will likely recognize that I am a big fan of the Italians in Mid War! I've taken them to several tournaments and done well with them, and they've featured in many of our battle reports. It's now been quite a long time since my last game, and I'd like to change that soon! To that end,  I wanted to noodle out a good Tank list for mid war at 1650. Won't you join me?

In Mid War, our tank choices are quite limited! In fact, we have no choice other than the M14/41. So let's remember what the M14/41 is like in Mid War.

Armor 3/2/1, standard tank movement, and a 47mm gun puts this tank on roughly equal footing with an M3 Stuart. While the Stuart has Light Tank, the M14 sports a twin hull MG. With optional AA MGs that means the M14 can be spitting dakka... but as the core of our list, we must recognize some very serious weaknesses right off the bat. We cannot stand toe to toe with medium and heavy armor we expect to face: Grants, Shermans, Churchills (historically) or T-34s, Panzer IVs, Tiger I Es (mostly a-historically).

BUT this list is also elite- meaning it's got a good chance to be Confident Veteran and a slim chance to be Fearless Veteran.

Okay we've established that the M14/41 is a decent tank, but has some shortcomings. Let's get listing! Remember, we're working towards 1650. Let's start with an HQ and 2 combat platoons. The choice between 4 and 5 tank strong combat platoons is a tough one. The price point is low enough that 5 make sense... but I'd like to dump some points into support, so I am going to choose 10 M14/41s to form our core.

60 HQ 1x M14/41
240 4x M14/41
240 4x M14/41

I elect not to put AA MGs on these guys. Why? Well, no real reason other than I don't have them modeled. They are already match the Stuart for MG output, and I've never found it particularly lacking.

Now, we come to our biggest hurdle. What will be out primary AT? Normally, I am all for staying nation specific, and going with Semovente 75s. Heck, I use them as often as I can cause they're a great model! But I can't resist a trio of Panzer IV F2s. It's just so iconic in the desert, and a platoon supporting 9 lighter tanks just feels right. These tanks are snipers, and they excel at the role.

Wrong scale, but I like that model!

3 Panzer IV F2s set us back another 435. They're expensive, but they are always worth having around!

Next, I know with such light armor and snipers, we're going to want smoke. It also wouldn't hurt to have a bit more direct fire. One of my go to Italian units is the Cannon Battery with 75/27s. ROF 2, direct fire of AT 9/FP3+ plus smoke? I'll take it! They can also drop a bombardment, but I've probably only used that once. A battery of 4 only costs 165. You have to pay extra for the observer, but I haven't bothered truthfully.

Plus, just look how cool that gun is in the pale dawn!

Now, even though we have 13 tanks and a cannon battery, I feel a bit light on the ground. Let's give this list an anchor unit. Where else should we look than a full strength Bersaglieri? I've already touted their strengths in another list dissection, so I won't go in depth but suffice it to say: Lots of chaps, lots of dakka. 13 stands for 320- including 3 AT pop guns, 3 HMGs, and 7 infantry stands? A bargain! Just hope they're not trained. Being vet makes all the difference for those guys.

We're getting light on points now. We're missing recon, and that problem solves itself. AB41s. Three of them. Boom. Done. Why not 4?

Because I want to have enough points left to pick up...

THE SEXIEST DAMN AIRPLANE OF WORLD WAR I! Oh, this is WWII? Someone tell the Aeronautica Imperialicitalius...idocious. I'm sorry, but the CR 42 Falco is just AWESOME.

We'll take Sporadic air support for 95 please, Alex.

So that wraps up our list.

Many of you folks back home are probably thinking "ehhh it's an okay list" and you wouldn't be wrong. In a world of extremes: infantry hordes, spankovy, mid war monsters, Churchills squadrons, etc... this list will struggle. But commanded by one willing to use a little cunning, and loves shouting "Avanti Savoia!", this list can be great fun- and competetive to boot. While it will likely not grace the top 3 spot of a major tournament, I think it can be a contender in smaller events. Besides, variety is the spice of life, and this list can definitely provide something unique for both yourself and your opponents!

*Use your M14s cautiously! Don't mistake them for Stuarts and go racing around. 
*Be aggressive with your infantry! A consolidated infantry/tank attack on an objective can win the day.
*Deploy your guns far to the front. What are they gonna shoot at? Cannons? 9 M14s? Bersaglieri?
*Don't let them shoot at your Panzer IVs. They are hunters, don't let their quarry see them.

*Count on your air. It will show up, and maybe help, but it's 95 points for a reason.
*Go around shooting with your AB41s. Use them to lift GTG and defend against ambushes. 
*Just sit with your Bersaglieri doing nothing. They're a big chunk of the list and need to be involved.

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