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Monday, November 17, 2014

Bolt Action - Duelling Paintbrushes

Hey there BARbarians,

Most of us at are deep into the hobby groove right now. New armies are being started and finished off; its an exciting time. So we though it might be time for some Duelling Paintbrushes action!

For the uninitiated Duelling Paintbrushes is where we set a benchmark in terms of time and number of models painted. We have decided to aim for (around) two 8 man squads, a support team and a vehicle by the end of the month.

This is what we're all working on:

The Mouth of Madness

I'm painting up two squads of USMC. They're the plastics from Warlord (very nice models). the Bazoka team is also Warlord, and the Sherman (Sloppy Joe) is JTFM.


Patch is painting up Pacific Australians. The infantry is a mix from Artizan and Wartime Miniatures and that amazing Matilda II is Blitzkrieg Miniatures (with the crewman from Warlord).


Bryan is working on his Hungarians (note the converted mustache). The infantry are Artizan, and the tanks are from Bob Emmerson aka "Mad Bob Miniatures". The tanks are the Toldi light tank and a Zrinyii II Assault Howitzer. I'm told there are also some Warlord panzershreks in there.


Just is working on his Luftwaffe Field Division. They are all from Black Tree Design. Enjoy assembling the Flakvierling Judd.


CBax is working on starting a British/Greek Army for the desert and Italy.  These troops will be painted up to represent that Greek troops that fought at the tail end of the campaign in Greece/Crete, the 1st Greek Brigade that fought at the Second Battle of El Alamein, the the 3rd Greek Mountain Brigade which fought in Italy, and Sacred Band, Greek Special forces that worked with the SAS in North Africa and raided Axis forces in the Aegean.

We'll keep you updated on our progress through the forum and on

We're also through out the challenge to all of you. Can't wait to see the progress.

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