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Monday, November 24, 2014

BatRep: Raiding Aces - OSS vs Autosahariana

My buddy Michael R and I got together recently and played a Flames of War Raiding Aces game.   These have been a favorite of ours since we played our Raiding Aces campaign a few years back.  The Raiding Aces Lists and missions can be found in the Burning Empires book.

We both prepared a 1000 point list and prepared to roll off on the mission chart.

Michael's American OSS List:
My Italian Autosahariana Force:

We rolled up "Raid" of my favorites.  It actually allows me to get a little revenge.  We actually played these forces in this mission in the campaign.


In Raid, the defender gets twice as many points as the attacker.  We rolled up and I got to attack (Flashbacks!) and cut my force down to the CiC, 2iC, 2 AS42 platoons and the half the Cannon Battery.  Michael kept his force the same.

This is a rocking and rolling mission and if I can destroy the objectives quickly enough and exit the table before his reserves come on....seems I said the same thing the last go around.

The Battlefield:


We alternate placing objectives.  I have to destroy these by either placing demo charges (unpinned unit that didn't move or shoot and passes a successful Skill Test)  or shooting at them (2+ to hit and then they fail a 3+ save and then I make a successful Firepower roll).   I only get the points if that unit escapes the opposite table edge.

The defender then places sentries that will limit where I can place my units.  Other than that they have no impact on the game and are removed after I set up and before the first turn.

Sentries in place
Michael left me very little room to deploy and where I could get to the objectives quickly...just the far 2 table corners and my CiC in the center.

My plan is to run these guys...

....and shoot the objectives until the blow up.  Plan is to keep moving to the exit zone and shooting as I drive by the objectives.  I need to do this before the Partisans...

...aka the "Sparta-sans" show up and block my exit.  They were my bane in our last game.

Turn 1

I drive up and maximize my shots at as many objectives as possible....plan is to shoot and move to the center of the table and then blast to the exit...all while staying away from where the OSS reserves enter starting on Turn 1 as Scattered Reserves.

And I got 3 objectives in the first go!!!!  And Michael didn't get his reserves.  All according to plan.

Turn 2

Time to beat feet with the units that scored kills.  The other platoon moves to the center and scores a 4th kill!

I also get reserves and bring on the artillery near my exit zone

And the OSS enter the table...right behind the second platoon of AS42s

and they get 2 kills.  Luckily, the platoon is still on the table and is moving away from the OSS.

Turn 3

The race is on!  Can I speed off table before the US catch up? I have speed, but his infantry can arrive from any table edge and corner.

Getting close...the green fields ahead represent FREEDOM!!!!!

More US arrive...they are far away for now and have very few shots.  My Arty observer in the Church steeple is prepping to call in fire.

And another platoon arrives at the FAR end of table and as far away from as they could be.

Looking good until the LMGs catch the third AS42 from the trailing platoon...

and I pass the Platoon Moral Test for being under half strength.  Still looking good!

Turn 4

First platoon and CiC are ALMOST at the exit point.  Next turn they will be off table!

2nd platoon and the 2iC is right behind

and then this happens...

.... the Sparatsans have arrived and right where I didn't need them.  Not again!  The Platoon survives the first round of shooting.  The rest of the Americans continue to flow forward and, with me stalled, it doesn't look good.

Turn 5

 I shoot the Partisans down as much as I can.  They block enough of my path forward with their 2 inch zone of control that its either shoot and thin them out and exit next or move through slow going at 4 inches (jeep mobility) and take 2-3 more turns and give the rest of his forces time to close.  I can't assault even though I am classified as Tank Teams since I am not fully armored.

....and he gets more units in that corner.

 I lose the first platoon and the CiC....

...and the last 2 teams fall to the guns of the Spartasans and the rest of the US forces continue to close.


So close...again!!!  6-1 to Michael.  We both had a blast as always.  The raiding missions are tense and the suspense is right to the very end.

Next time!

SonBae (AKA Jeff Flint) is a long time gamer and painter and runs a sem-active blog at Journey Back To The Table where he posts photos of his work, reviews, BatReps and the “Painting Miniatures Declassified” modeling and painting tutorials. Follow him @wwpdSonBae on Twitter.

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