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Monday, November 10, 2014

Barbarossa Germans vs. Soviets at 3000 points!

by Eric Lauterbach

Yes you heard right, 3000 point game! Well its not that impressive once you see the point costs for what T-34s are in early war.

The main focus of the afternoon of fun was how can we get as many of Bob Everson's brand new T-26, T-28 and T-35s on the table and still have a reasonable game.

After tossing out two big handfuls of tanks (Bob still had more!) the point level was a little over 3000.  So the point limit was going to be decided by the German toys I had.

I started by giving the Pz IIIs and PzIVs all the upgrades I could find and that added up real quick.

With this many points we wanted to get after it quick so settled on Free-For-All as the mission.

The base force for the Russians was a T-34 company of HQ T-34, T-34 company of two,  T-26 company of 16 tanks, T-28 company of 8 tanks, and T-35 company.  A truly massive horde of tanks.  The German force was based on a Pz III company.

The village 

German deployment

German deployment with the captured T-34 and 2IC

T-35s guard the objective

The Soviet Tank horde

Turn one: Some dancing in the streets

T-34 drives with impunity; nobody can hurt him

Soviets move forward for sniping but they can't hit the broad side of a barn. (ed: Sniping? More like shooting wildly what that Hen and Chicks rule in effect)

German turn two

Germans picking off a few

Get one T-28 and bail another.

Oops!!  Stormtrooper fail.

Soviet T-34 clocks a PZ III.

Germans advance on the far objective and long range shoot Soviet T-34s

Germans kill a Soviet T-34 that is good very good.

More T-26s are going down but they started with 16 so this is going to take awhile.

Russians keep pressing

The Soviets just gotta go for it you can't win a long range duel.

Soviet moving fire is not effective.

T-28s get some wheat field cover 

Germans trying real hard to kill T-34s in the flank but it's not working.

Germans pound the T-28s

Failed stormtrooper again!!! (ed: Famous last words of many a German player)

Soviets press the attack on the PZ IIIs

Soviets go for it.

The T-28s can not hang with all the German firepower

German turn, time to finish these guys off.

Mr. PZ III survives the Soviet turn and decides to sit and shoot as there are too many to close to run. We get a bunch of them

38t group hitting the T-26s

The third failed stormtrooper with the PZ III not good... T-34s move in.

Soviet T-35s move in as well.

Well the PZ IIIs got pasted by T-34s and failed their morale check and ran things suddenly got real ugly.

Deadly Soviet T-34s heading for the objective.

Only hope now is to kill all the T-26s/ T-28s and T-35s.

T-28s finished.

T-26s are below half but make morale checks

T-35s deliver their broadside shots

PZIIs barely survive the T-35 broadside.

Soviets need to blast the 38ts off the objective to win.

Yikes! T-34s are mean!

HA!  T-35s in their natural state..  The PZ IVs made short work of them.

Only one guy left.. and he fails his morale.

T-34s are making it real hard on the 38ts to hold the objective.

Side shots into the T-34s only bail.

Soviets get back in and move.

The German T-34 races to the objective.

Trying to tame these beasts call for desperate action from the CO

The CO does get the kill on the last of the T-34 company of two. Only the Soviet CO and one T-26 is left alive.

T-26 hero


Objective taken as well.

It was great fight!! We had good time with the swirling tank battle I really think you need a plan for the Soviet T-34 and KV tanks which you will see lots of.

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