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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Bolt Action - AAR: Germans vs Russians - For the PIGS!

I wasn't able to make it out to Fall In this year, so I missed the Bolt Action tournaments.  This didn't stop me from playing some Bolt Action in honor of all the Barbarians getting their tournament on.   I also have been cranking out new terrain in the last few weeks and wanted to get it on the board.  I also recently painted up German and Soviet casualties figures and want to get them on the board.

I revamped my trees, some under brush, and built some new rivers.

The game centered around a Russian platoon with light tank support defending a farmstead near a stream.  The Germans  were making the crossing at the bridge and deployed half their force on the opposite bank.  Half of the remaining troops were placed in immediate reserves, and the other half in regular reserves.  We played the long way and the German reserves could come on the short table edge behind the river or up to three feet up the left edge of the six foot edge.

Meanwhile the Soviet deployed at least half their force within a foot of the manure pile next to the pig pen.  The rest of their force was placed in reserve and could enter their short table edge after turn two.

German infantry begin their crossing of the river.

German panzer (in immediate reserves) race toward the farm.

Soviet troops come under mortar fire.

T-70 takes shots at the Panzers.

Soviet infantry launch an unsuccessful tank assault.

Germans bring up an armored quad AA gun.

More Germans arrive as the Panzers crash forward.

Soviet troops arrive from reserve to repulse the Germans.

Fighting around the farm intensifies.

Soviet light AT gun misses the quad.

Soviets launch another unsuccessful tank assault.

Germans get ballsy and launch and assault against a beat up Soviet squad of six men.

And fail to score single hit.

After that the Soviet just mop it up.

The Germans keep pushing the attack.

The Panzer III in the middle is knocked out.

As is the 8 Rad.

German troops close in on the farm after taking over the farm house.

Another squad of Germans press the attack.

With Germans all around the Soviet begin backing up into the farm.

Panzer III takes a shot at the T-70.

Soviet troops are caught in the open and gunned down.

Next round the Panzer III takes out the T-70.

Fight resumes for the farm house.

Soviet try everything, but still cant bust open the Panzer III.

With half the farm secured the Germans make a final push.

Germans clean up the Soviets left in the field.

Intense fight near the pugs.  Soviet troops stay strong and avoid destruction.

Remnants of the Soviet squad assault and kill the German HQ section.

German PaK 36 immobilizes the BA-10.

Final shots of the game cant clear the Soviets from the farm.

The game ends with the Soviets barely holding onto the pigs, but barely is enough.

We had a lot of and even introduced Bolt Action to a new player in the process.  I hope enjoyed the new terrain, and stay tuned for tutorials in the coming weeks. 

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